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I made my first blog when I was about 14 years old and new to the internet. I can't remember what I posted about aside from a silly playlist of sad songs and sugar skull gifs... but I know that I never really expected this hobby of mine to become something that I would have fun with now for 17+ years!

...Flashing it back to one of the first pictures I posted on THIS blog. Before I was officially a homeschooling mama and before the thought even crossed my mind. It's funny how God knows our hearts before we do. I am so glad.

Eli running to the front door, "Mom! Mom! Look! ...It's not venomous!"

Josie's fairy village

Ryder park... it took me a moment to even remember where we were here!

Our own Coyote Peterson

We are going to miss Liam's teeball games!

Filling up the pool

Off to the zoo with the sunglasses crew!

I was this close to an owl ***All the heart eyes***

I mean... come on. Meerkat Babies!!! I can't even.

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