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April things

Hi everyone!
Just sharing some April things with you today.

The kids made these really cool hipster bunnies.

That same day, I was preparing the kids lunch and a BIRD flew past my head. Turns out, he came in through a hole outside and made another hole through the bathroom ceiling. We were running back and fourth in the hallway as the bird panicked and flew all around. Eventually, I was able to pop the screen out of the front window and the bird flew right out.

My temporary solution since I didn't have duck tape, hehe.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Celebrating Easter with The Grandparents :)

All ready for the Easter Egg hunt at a local church

They also host a bake sale where we were able to buy Jello Jigglers for Amy's party! We were quite excited about these silly things.

Egg hunt at Amy's parents

Amy's favorite part of her whole birthday

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