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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Embracing January and 2013

Josh and I rang in the new year with Ashton and Josie, sparkling grape juice, popcorn and some seriously cheesy dance moves. Liam slept sound in the pack and play in our back bedroom. The kids waited in great anticipation (and a little bit of confusion, I think) for the big ball to drop on the television. Excitedly chopping up pieces of tissue paper to throw up in the air at the stroke of midnight.

Oh, they also dressed up like ninjas at some point too.


Last moment of 2012

Welcome, 2013!





The first day of the new year we -

Had a french toast breakfast in our pajamas

Put on several layers to brave the 20 degree weather to go sledding on strawberry hill

Enjoyed tea and cocoa when we returned home

and had bowls full of hot meatball and tortellini soup with garlic bread for supper

Photos of the 2013 chilled winter sky (taken from our front window)

We spent the 1st weekend of the new year-

Playing with cousins on Saturday

and Sunday after church, we had a belated birthday dinner (yay, for me!) at Moo and Matt's house. Mom offered to watch Liam a little while before dinner so we could bring Ashton and Josie to the park down the street.

It was finally perfect snowman making weather!

The Basile family, January edition.

Mama B

Daddy B

Ashton B

Josie B

Liam B

Josh was very proud of his snowman

We also did some more sledding together

Swinging and sliding too!

I enjoy January and it's slow, cozy pace

Sun-kissed snow

I hope your new year is off to a great start!

Live, live, live. Be grateful. and live some more.

"We weren't doing anything."

Xoxo, Jessie