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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeing a God made world.

Sometimes looking deep into the eyes of a child,
you are conscious of meeting a glance full
of wisdom. The child has known nothing yet
but love and beauty. All this piled-up world
knowledge you have acquired is unguessed at
by him. And yet you meet this wonderful look
that tells you in a moment more than all the
years of experience have seemed to teach.
-Hildegarde Hawthorne

I remember when I was little. and how a thick piece of white paper with a purple (always) crayon made me feel. Drawing line after line. Creating. feeling good and confident in my art. and funny, I've never been good at drawing. But as a child, it didn't matter. I loved it and that's all I needed to know. It didn't matter that I had less-than perfectly drawn trees and sunsets.

Most days, I search deep within my childlike heart and I listen to my children's eyes for counsel. and it helps me see this world with a different spirit.

I love my life. and it doesn't matter if I have made less-than perfect choices or fall down hard now and then. I can still find happiness in just being.

and like my old drawings that brought me joy by simply creating; I'm loving every last breath despite some squiggly lines and bumpy roads.

(FYI, I'm working on the confidence part.)

I feel so blessed to live where we live. We are within minutes of beautiful parks, lakes and a waterfall.

Perfect places to picnic and spend a day soaking up some much needed sun.

I find Ashton growing up so quickly. Becoming more confident in things he may have been quite skeptical of doing just a year ago. He climbs and swings like a kid now. My little baby. A kid.

and I love how his sister, so feminine and sweet, is never afraid to get a little muddy.

The skies filled with thick smoke-like clouds yesterday afternoon. Rolling in darkness midday. The rain was pouring and large hail stones greeted our roof abruptly. The wind was heavy and roared. but as quickly as it appeared, it departed.

and then a sun so bright seeped light into the tiny spaces within our blinds.

We ate dinner quickly and slipped on our rain boots. Anxious and ready to explore the pond-like puddles that had formed during the storm.

Hoping you all are having a wonderful week.

The kids are napping and I'm off to do some light spring cleaning. Tonight's forecast? Dinner with a side of mud puddle and swinging.

(and for the record, I need a pair of these. -So me, right?! :) )


Monday, April 25, 2011

Going backwards

Starting with our Easter weekend. :)

Our church holds an Easter "eggstravaganza" every year and we were so happy to be apart of it this weekend.

Ashton and Josie made cards.

And jeweled Easter crosses.

We also had peeps fondue!

...Which the kids LOVED.

Ashton played the egg roll game... and won! (He had to roll the egg with his nose). I had no idea the kid could move an egg so quickly with his nose.

The eggs for the hunt were hidden in the sanctuary because of the rain that seemingly fell without rest.

Ashton is still taking all of this in. He tells me about the egg that he broke with his nose. He tells me about the Jesus jelly beans. He's told me of the eggs that the Easter bunny threw all over the church "chairs."

I love how meaningful these things are to him.

Josie too. :)

Before they went to bed on Saturday, Ashton and Josie set out eggs for the bunny.

Apparently the bunny has quite an appetite for eggs.

As they laid their colorful egg creations on the shiny plum plate; they gleamed with pride.

We were sure to surround our home with the left over carrots from Ashton's preschool Easter party as well.

No bunny would ever dream of passing up this house.

Ashton had already written his letter over a week ago. He was very anxious for the bunny to finally get a hold of it.

and just like that...

It was Easter.

The Easter bunny likes to fill the kids baskets with a lot of handmade items. (that she made and/or bought from other creative moms & dads.... er... bunnies.) She may hold the record for the most bought items on ever. ...What?!

moving on.

the bunny had eggs all over the house too! Filled with "Giraffe house money" (and other goodies)...As Ashton calls it. -Any one want to take a guess at what the giraffe house is? *wink*

It's not the best picture, but the adorable wooden turtle in Ashton's hand is from imagination kids!

Ah, peeps. Now on a stick. What more could one ask for? It's like a kabob. but it's not. it's marshmallows. So I guess it's more like a smore. No. Maybe not. er... *Ques awkward silence*

Hey look! She loved it!

Ashton had been eyeing these puppies at the "giraffe house" for weeks.

I'm still laughing at this picture. I can't help it.

I love all the little treasures one can hide in a small egg.

Chocolate bunnies are an Easter staple.

Ashton's sailboat (next to Josie) is made by willobaus

Josie's Easter bunny made by Raelyn Designs

Josie's first successful bubbles! and I got the picture!

She couldn't believe it.

Ashton's apron made by Cathi's Kreations.

Josie's was made by Saffron Kids.

Upcycled Baby Farm Animal notebook (near Josie's foot) by thishandmadelife.

The kids have been making good use of their new art supplies.

After church, we went over to moo's for more baskets, goodies and egg hunting.

The egg hunters!

It's funny to see cousins play together.

My beautiful niece Amber and her daughter Jenna

With my sister Joanne. :)

Ashton is such a lover. He loves hugs and kisses. Talking about family. Everything has a home including french fries. I feel blessed he is so loving and family oriented.

Feeling so happy we had so much family to share easter with this year.

P.s. The dessert was delicious. I love carrot cake!
(Ashton & Josie swiped some frosting before my peter cottontail cake was even cut.)


Back to Earth day. April 22nd 2011.

Is it weird that I give gifts on earth day?

I want to teach our kids to love the earth that God has given us. From every grain of sand to every bit of the cold soil. This world is our home. and I hope they always see and appreciate every last bit.

Ashton planting his seeds.

I love the smell of soil.

We also made our traditional Earth Day - Earth Worm cake!

Happy Belated Earth day!

The kids received their easter goodies from the Florida grand parents last week.

I laid everything out for the kids while they napped.

They were so excited when they saw the surprises waiting for them in the living room!

After Ashton had found the money, he put on his boots and said he was heading to the giraffe house.

He was in love with his new pajamas.

Josie couldn't stop staring at the happy icecream cones. She was in awe.

Grandma Kelly bought a dream catcher for Ashton to help with his more recent bad dreams. He loved the idea.

Thank you again guys!

Dying Easter Eggs. -Pretty self explanatory, right?

My cool dudes.

I think I love this tradition more then frosting and sugar cookies. It's my favorite.

I love eggs. I can't wait to have chickens one day.

We had a practice egg hunt with Ashton after they were all finished.

sick of egg hunt pictures yet? :)


The kids and I tried a couple new recipes from our Mudworks book.

Cornmeal dough.

It was fun. Grainy. and very messy.

I do NOT recommend cornmeal dough. *wink*

Our daughter wears the craziest things. Who is this girls stylist?

We also tried Glue Dough.

This was another favorite of ours. He made lots of glue dough pizzas with Josie's kitchen set.


We stopped in to see great great grandma last week and saw cousin Mikey there! (He is our Maine cousin.)


The kids have been going through a picnic phase lately. Every day. Rain or shine. Inside or out. We have a picnic lunch.


The kids were dedicated at church last Sunday. April 17 2011. They were dressed so sweetly.

Afterward, we had some family and friends over for pizza.

I love these two women. Seriously. They are flawlessly beautiful on the inside and out. (Sadie and Josie are pretty great too!)

Last but certainly not least, (how stereotypical of an ending is that?) Moo's birthday!!!

We had the presents opened...

and the birthday cake eaten all within 20 minutes of her arrival. Apparently, it's normal to eat birthday cake at 9 a.m. in a toddlers eyes.

Ashton has this birthday stuff down. He'll even go around the entire house to turn off all the lights.

We have a house full of moo lovers here.

There you have it! The longest blog update I have ever done I believe.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Earth Day! Happy Happy! -Jessica