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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liam turns 2

Liam turned 2 on Sunday! We had a very small family party this year.

Unsure if we would be at the hospital with Eli or not, I had stored away the Elmo plates and cups close to my hospital bag.

On Saturday, we went out to get him a cake and other goodies to celebrate at home.

When he woke up Sunday morning, I had never heard so many "wows!" He was so pleased.

Josie gave him a dinosaur bubble blower

and Ashton gave him a little roaring dinosaur.

He was very thrilled to receive an Elmo book from mom and dad, as you can see.

His big gift was an Elmo train set

We had donuts for breakfast.

The kids were ready to party by 11:30.

Liam had picked out a cake with construction trucks on top. I added an Elmo candle to keep up with the theme.

He smiled so sweetly, waiting for his moment to blow out the candle.

(Interviewing the kids)
What Ashton loves about Liam- He loves when he hugs him. He likes his hair. He loves when Liam makes noise in his room. He likes how he likes Elmo. He likes when he pushes him. When he looks at mama. How he drinks his sippy cup and how he eats.

What Josie loves about Liam- She loves when he eats and when he does cute faces. She loves when he says wawa, Josie, hand, daddy and Elmo. She loves when he scribbles with paper and draws.

I am 40 weeks and 1 day today. Overdue. Which makes Liam my "earliest" baby. (He was born a day before his due date.)

Tonight, we will be walking around Sam's club. Just like the night before Liam was born. Perhaps it'll bring us some luck again.

Party on!

xoxo, Jessie

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The waiting is the hardest part

I am having deja vu.


9 Months

This time two years ago, temperatures ranged in the upper 70's to low 80's -

Now -
(with a side of rain and mud), temperatures range from the mid 30's to low 40's. Throw in a couple 20's here and there too.

We came home on Sunday night to a broken furnace. It was a very a cold night (about 10 degrees) and being 39 weeks pregnant with overtired kids, made everything almost laughable. Timing and all. We put the kids in warm pajamas and planned to sleep together in thick sleeping bags until the morning. We ended up agreeing it was just too cold. Time is something we really don't have much of right now with Eli due at any minute. We ended up calling the 24 hour furnace man to come fix things late that night. We were blessed he had the part that was needed to fix it right there on the spot. 

The next thing I knew, it was well past midnight and Josh and I were constructing plastic straw leprechaun ladders on the kitchen floor. I felt great appreciation that we get to experience this all together. The good. The bad. The crazy.

They did not catch the leprechaun this year but he did leave behind a wonderful array of green candy and silliness.

This little guy will be TWO on Sunday. His current likes- Elmo, dinosaurs, cars, books and food. He really loves food.

He's grown. I cannot even begin to find the words right now to describe the love we have for him. He'll be a big brother soon. Wow.

I sit wondering many things lately.

I wonder if Eli and Liam will be sharing a birthday. When and how? What will Eli be like? Who will he look like? Will we be celebrating Liam's birthday at the hospital? ...The waiting is becoming very difficult. I am both excited and scared. Ready. I know the pain that is to come. I also know the amazing moments to come. Moments that will be replayed and be apart of us forever. As long as we live. It's a big thing. 

I'm ready when you are, Eli. We're ready.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring and snow storms


Snow storming

Very pregnant. Measuring a week ahead and excited that baby Eli will be in my arms any time now! 

Sitting next to this.

Yesterday, spring slid in for the day to tease us. The skies broke out in a brilliant blue and the world smelled of fresh, thawed earth. A spongy ground cushioning our steps. As the afternoon grew warmer, the kids slowly ripped off their hats, gloves and eventually, jackets too. Perfectly content digging in the half snow/half mud mixture until late afternoon.

I have watched them explore this yard for several seasons now. I think spring time is my favorite to witness. Mud and all.

Josie found her first worm of 2014. She named it Cindy. Ashton was pretty sure it was dead but Josie didn't care.

Sliding with Cindy the dead worm.

Saint Patrick's day crafts-

Preparing our Leprechaun trap. Each year, the kids build a "trap" to catch the Saint Patrick's day leprechaun.

Random bits from the past month:

Josie's ballet play date with one of her bff's from church and our homeschool group. They are only a month apart in age!

She came home with a lollipop and "the busy girl who has been out on the town" attitude.

Grandpa had a quick visit up from Florida!

A fever that lasted 3 days

An awesome birthday package from Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob -Complete with the coolest super hero shirt ever!

An awesome picture Ashton drew for me. It is hugely pregnant me with Eli in my belly. Complete with an umbilical cord and placenta. .....Ashton has been reading a lot about the human body in his science book lately.

General at home-ness.

Josie still dresses several times a day.

Off to start dinner. Much love. xoxo, Jessie