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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

As I drink my morning coffee

The pool is out for the kids! 

Toads everywhere in the yard.

Yes, I have orange hair. It will soon wash out. ...But I love it. So fun.

Exploring a creek in Manlius. We want to come back with inner tubes soon. See where it leads us. 

Our Memorial day weekend-

Waiting for friends for our new bible study. A couple weeks ago, a huge fire burned several acres in our town. On this particular day, it rekindled and cooled ashes found their way into our yard. One, two, three, four; the ashes fell like snow. 

We had our traditional living room campout for the night. Smores and Ernest movies. Yes!

We have this favorite park in the whole world. It has a wading pool up above, it shares ground with a beautiful Lake, grassy hills hug the entire park, it has huge stretches of field for kite flying or baseball playing and a great playground. Most importantly; several shaded areas where the kids can splash, snorkel and swim. We catch crayfish and search for minnows. Sometimes, we barbecue and other times, I pack a big picnic lunch or dinner. I am so glad it is summer again and we can visit and revisit this place often. 

The next day, we went to another favorite place. It's a hidden park about an hour away. Tucked into deep forest. A waterfall you can stand behind, jump through and splash and swim beside. 

Memorial day was spent at Gramoo and Matts.

We turned up the 50s music station on Pandora and watched the kids run through the sprinkler and splash in the little pool. I think the music of today could learn a little something from the 50s. -it's OK to be happy about rubber duckies, yellow polka dot bikinis and twisting like we did last summer. In fact, we should sing and dance the heck of such things. -Twistin' time is here.

 Josie has her recital tonight and the excitement about the lipstick is overshadowing the excitement of all else. Josie has the idea... maybe we should write a song about fire engine red lipstick and dance to it at family picnics, weddings and anniversary parties. I'm ready.

See you soon. Jessie