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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr. Sun.

(Ashton told me to take a picture of the wind on our mommy-Ashton date last week...)

Time spent with only my firstborn is precious and rare. It's nice for us to have special time set aside for each of the kids. Even if it means letting one secretly stay up past their bedtime.

He'll ask lots of questions like, "What do ladybugs eat?" and "what do mosquito's eat?" ...and I'm able to answer without interruption.

...and for just a tiny moment in time... we're alone in the world. Just being us. and I love that.


My sister is back in NY for good this time and I'm happy she is home. I love her very much.

She really makes me smile.

Josh caught lots of fish that night and the kids were thrilled to see the slimy creatures.

Our girl loves fish.

We watched the kids as they played in the creek. Running up and down filling much of their boots with water. Listening to the, "slosh, slosh, slosh" noises they'd make as they walked.


After the sun slowly creeped behind the army of clouds, we played on the playground for a good while.

Saying a goodbye to aunt jojo... but we'd happily get to see her again that weekend.


We spent time with some amazing friends at a nearby creek on Saturday.

Sweet Amelia. Ashton said he wanted to take her home.

I've said it before, but I truly feel blessed to live near so many beautiful parks.

P.S. I love you Irvines!!!!!!


Sunday we met up with family and had a barbecue at Chittenango Falls.

The kids had a lot of fun.

and I do mean, a lot.

It's hard to believe our girl will be turning 2 so very soon. She has a party coming up on the 30th and I have most everything ready for her kitty-cat theme...

(a sneak peek... hehe)

Kitty cat favor cups for the kids


Loving the sun lately. but also missing a bit of the rain.

See you later! -Jessie

Monday, July 11, 2011


Our weekend was spent in a cheap hotel room drinking complimentary coffee

and finding beauty all over a splendid suburb town called Ithaca.

We walked the trails at Robert Treman state park

and we rested our tired feet in the water as we oohed and ahhed the water that ran into the gorge.

*softly whispers,* "I love him."

small gorge

The sky, so beautiful. hands clasped. eyes open.

Yes, the trails of the great Robert H. Treman state park can be quite strenuous. and only for the extremely brave to embrace.

We make a good team.

We also explored Buttermilk Falls.

It was rich with beauty and clothed with flawless landscaping.

I couldn't stop snapping my camera.

...From the sky.

To the thick chocolate milk-looking puddles that lay at our feet.




Oh! ...then there was the water fall and rounded walls of rock.

...No art can surpass the art of our God-made earth.

We lingered until we gazed up in search of the sky and saw the tiniest bit of light shining through the pines.

We returned to our hotel room feeling fulfilled and inspired.

laughing at our retro phone and other cheap hotel room accents.

Feeling a little nutty in the, "we haven't exercised to this point of exhaustion in over 5 years" way.

Everything is always funny when you feel like pudding

Yesterday morning we drove back home along the seemingly quiet motorway. The song, "Solsbury Hill" echoing out of the radio. and I felt loved.

Feeling so loved.

Happy Anniversary darling,