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Monday, July 30, 2012

Our first harvest

-A lunch date and shopping with Mema and RiRi's

Our sweet boy is 4 months.

Some milestones include: Playing with toys, loving to stand (with assistance, of course), big belly laughs and being able to sit with us at the dinner table (at last!)

Josie likes to wear Liam's bibs...

Our first harvest!

My little green bean, munching on a green bean.

We have also picked our first tomato. ...With many more to come!

I love our yard.

The legs of a young, blooming artist.

-Ice cream in costume. ...Just because.

-A trip to the beach.

We love this little lake tucked in between the trees.

- Celebrating my husband's 26th birthday.

- A campfire and bike riding in the yard, way past bedtime.


-Sharing our first green bean together
-All three kids giggling in the back seat of the car
-The good Lord protected two friends in the same week
-A day spent with mama V and Ri Ri
-New school clothes for the kids
-Swinging Josie by the glow of the campfire and moonlight
-Ashton asking Joel to stay for the holidays
-My husband celebrating his 26th birthday
-An awesome salad and chicken wing pizza
-Blue slushies and french fries at the beach
-An afternoon nap with Liam, Ashton, Josie and Riah
-Our funny little video

-Having all five family members sitting at the dinner table
-Ashton reminding me on Saturday to read him his daily devotional
-Our girl turns 3! on Wednesday
-Witnessing hours of creativity and fun at the kids little table


Off to do some laundry before the kiddos wake! See you soon, friends.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joel is home/July

“we'll be friends forever, won't we, pooh?' asked piglet.
even longer,' pooh answered.”
― a.a. milne, winnie-the-pooh

Joel is home, the family is well and life is pleasant.

Some highlights of our July... (so far)

Independence day.

Joel meets Liam for the first time!

Fun in the sprinkler

Singing, "Happy Birthday" to Joel, 8 months a little late.

Thank you, pinterest for the cake idea.

Watching fireworks at the state fairgrounds

A trip to ZEMS on a Thursday night

A late night bonfire, laughing about SNL skits.

One of our many walks to find the blackberries.

A morning walk on the canal with Amy and Hannah.

(Ashton then took over the photography from the canal...)

Summer nights outside, waiting for sunset to send us to bed.

Enjoying tummy time with Liam.

Making our bird feeders.

Interpreting Liam's hilarious expressions.

(Really, I could just stare at him all day.)

I call that face his, "Matt Lauer pose"

Recent blessings/gifts. (in no particular order)

Josie's drawing of a bird.

Muesli and Vanilla yogurt from the farmers market.
Board Games.
Liam always wakes up with a smile on his face.
Seeing the blackberries are coming up this year.
Summer nights outside, until dark.
Baking with blueberries.
Lasagna and peanut butter cup pie shared with family.
Listening to the kids, "read."
Cool water for the kids to swim in on 90 degree days.

Liam's dedication at church.

Owl bowls for an anniversary gift.
Hearing about the upcoming blueberry festival.
Knowing I have been prayed for. Feeling a change in my heart because of it.
Planning random acts of kindness.
Learning a new card game.
A book from Joel, telling me I have to read the book before I watch the movie.
A mint green church dress for Josie.
Baby clothes for Liam, from my cousin.

This video.

Getting texts back from family saying, "see you Sunday!"
Josh coming home for lunch.
Having a dish washer.
A delicious chicken for dinner, from one of my favorite people
Talking to an old friend, apologizing for letting so much time go by since the last time we talked.
Hearing the kids use their manners.
Watching the kids snack on apples before bed.
Playing games in an empty arcade.
Seeing my cousin dressed up so pretty, with a big smile on her face.
Purple Roses from my husband to celebrate our six year anniversary.

Being married to this man for six years.

Great advice from Abby, Amy and Eva.
Air conditioning in the recent heat wave, thanks to our friends.
Having my brother home.


I hope you are all feeling blessed as well today, I love you all.