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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Painting a morning picture

I usually wake up to Ashton's squeeky door scccreeeeaching all the way open until I hear that final "thud" as the door bumps into the wall. The little dinosaur then begins stomping and making his way down our little hallway.

I cringe a bit. "pleaseee don't wake Josie. pleaseeee don't wake Josie." I silently pray to myself. Oh, if only Ashton would climb into our bed and slide under the blankets with us and fall fast asleep once more. ...If only I could get just 20 more restful minutes of sleep. If only...

!!!"ROAR!!!" he yells. "ROARRR! ROARRR!" He stands in his underpants laughing and loud. "Get up, mama!" "Good mornin mom!" "Good morning Josh!" -Josh is deep into his sleep. He won't hear anything for a couple hours. So, I get up. Ashton wins. "Why does he always take off his pajamas?" I wonder.

I walk groggy down the hall. It's rare I'm bright and chipper in the morning. and I can't help it. I had stayed up too late again the night before and I always tell myself, "Never again." ...I know I am lying to myself.

Ashton sets out to open the heavy wooden lid of their toybox and I run to make sure it's open all the way and it can't fall on his head. "Wow! mom!" "Look at this mom!" He says. It's always as if he is seeing the toys for the very first time. ...I love how he does that. I carefully sit back with a cup of coffee while I begin to inspect his old rattles he's thrown out to the side again. I don't think I'll ever have the heart to get rid of them.

I smile. He's so happy. Loud and happy. He lines up his trains and uses our round carpet as a railway. "I love you, Ashton." "Goodmorning." I say. "I love you mom." he replies."Ashton's hungry."

"Will he ever stop talking to himself in the third person?" I think to myself. I can't help but laugh.

We made frogs yesterday. I'm ready to take down snowmen and snowflakes and look at brighter, springy-er things. It's nice to have these new things to look forward to.

He calls his frog, "ack" and Josie's frog is Baby.

the beginning of many more spring-like things in this house!

We painted.

Oh, how they love to paint.

I love when the kids look messy at the end of the day. Proof they played with all their heart and souls.

I think every child should look this way before bath and bed.


At night, my little dinosaur goes to bed fully clothed. With all of his trains tucked in beside him.

Our night prayers have gotten longer as his Thomas collection has grown. "Thank you God for Thomas, Percy, James, Henry, Edward, Toby, Bertie the bus and Gordan."



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Randomness and our Party

Did you feel that bit of spring this past Friday?

...We did.

We walked to the little store across the street just as we did in the past warmer seasons.

Spring wrapped her arms around us for a bit and let us know she'll be here soon. .So hold tight.

Feeling grateful we have much to look forward to with the new season quickly approaching. (Is any one else ready for spring?) :)

In the meantime, (while we're waiting on a season shift)... we'll be hanging out in our underpants using our picnic table in the living room.

...and making things like homemade instruments.

he always gets a crazy look in his eyes when he drums.

Now to share our Valentines day with you guys!

Thank you, husband!

We had a family party on the 13th. :)

We played a game where everyone had to make a Valentine for a mystery Valentine. (....and I certainly got a kick out of it.)

My husband, (whom was very proud), made custom labels for our water bottles.

Check out my "love train" cupcakes.

I also made these cute heart-shaped krispie treats for the kids goodie bags.
Suddenly I want to make a krispie treat with every cookie cutter I own. ....I hope Ashton's preschool class is ready.

Check out the sweets table... It makes me want to eat the picture itself. Nom! Nom! nom!

It was nice to have so much family in one (very small) area at the same time.

Josh basked in awesomeness wearing his amazing shirt.

and we all had a good time.

(haha, sorry... it made me laugh.)

It was fun watching the kids look in their bags to find their exchanged Valentines and other surprises.

I think all that sugar really went to Ashton's head.

On Valentine's Day morning, we set out some treats for the kids and we ate waffles topped with whipped creme and valentine's day colored sprinkles! (I can't get enough of themed sprinkles.)

Josie was fascinated with the chocolates. ..."For breakfast?" ...Why not...

That much sugar will not be seen again until... well, easter.

Sugar is good stuff though.

Last but certainly not least...

never make a kid bang two sticks together on stage in front of the entire church. ....-Just sayin'

Take care lovelys,

(p.s. a lot of these were taken with my old camera so I'm sorry for the bad quality!)