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Monday, December 30, 2013


Ashton and Josie are becoming more aware of time. Yet, they still had a little confusion as to what we are celebrating when I told them we are celebrating New Years.

"A new year is when you get to start everything all over again. A new January. A new February and Valentines day. A new March and April. A new spring, summer and fall...."

Smiling, they told me they are looking forward to the new year. Smiling back, I agreed. So much can happen in 365 days.
 photo IMG_1950_zpsc3360927.jpg

Taking down the Christmas tree, I always pray while I place the ornaments back in their respectful boxes. Who knows where we'll be and what could happen between now and the time we glance at those very ornaments again. All I know is that I am continuing to appreciate life and time more and more with each passing year. I see my children and their relentless growth as a physical sign of how quickly time rolls forward in this life. Each moment, so precious.

Instead of my usual top 10 countdown of my favorite pictures of the year, I have decided to simply go through my favorite moments from these past 12 months. Brace yourselves for a lot of pictures!

Starting with January -
Ringing in the new year with Josh, Ashton and Josie

Sledding on new years day

Making snowmen in the park

February -
Being blessed with new furniture

Our Valentines day dinner

Josie starts ballet

March -
Days that feel like Spring is just around the corner

Liam turns ONE!
 photo IMG_1051.jpg

 photo IMG_1113.jpg

 photo IMG_1169.jpg

Meeting Grandma Kelly and Grandpa Victor
 photo IMG_1108.jpg

A visit from the leprechaun
 photo IMG_1021.jpg

Easter time
 photo IMG_1381.jpg

 photo IMG_1484.jpg

 photo IMG_1501.jpg

 photo IMG_1530.jpg

 photo IMG_1532.jpg

 photo IMG_1600.jpg

April -
Spring is here!
 photo IMG_1318.jpg

 photo IMG_1685.jpg

 photo IMG_1757.jpg

 photo IMG_1886_zpscd81a6e4.jpg

Mom and Matt are married
 photo IMG_1963_zps8debd227.jpg

May -
Time in the garden
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 photo IMG_2315_zps1466554e.jpg

 photo IMG_2254_zps816ab656.jpg

 photo IMG_2240_zps1efbbe99.jpg

 photo IMG_2205_zps60e23594.jpg

 photo IMG_2347_zpsb71b3655.jpg

Preschool graduation

End of May/June -
Camping in the living room after having to cancel our tenting trip due to the weather

Sylvan beach

Summer is here!

Father's day weekend

Camping trip to Lake Luzerne

July -
4th of July

Lazy summer days

Josh's 27th birthday

Ballet camp

August -
Visit with grandma Kelly

Josie turns 4!

Baseball game

September -
Saying goodbye to summer

1st day of school!

Welcoming fall!

Apple picking

October -
Enjoying fall air!

Out of the Darkness walk 2013

Halloween fun

November -
It's a boy!

1st snow

Ashton turns 6!

More snow!

Thanksgiving day

Getting our tree and seeing santa!


I hope you all have a wonderful new year. I love you. I'm praying for you. I wish you all the best for 2014.

xoxo, Jessie