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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chocolate chip muffins and a happy life.

Fall is here and it is beautiful. It never dissapoints. ...How nice it is to rely on such things.

Dear self, you are the happiest you have ever been in your entire life. Do you know how amazing it is to say that? Filled with peace. I wanted to write this down so I always remember this time and these feelings. These awesomely good days.

Church picnic

Harder days and times will come. That's apart of life, after all. New seasons. We will have new challenges and heartaches. We'll fall and have days where we struggle to rise. and that's ok too.

but these days will always be the shining light in my heart. I'll come back and visit often. Feel blessed that these moments changed my life.

One of the warmer fall days

If you give a moose a muffin

I love everything about fall. That relief of cooler weather after the hot summer. The scenery. Warm, hearty meals and apple scented candles.  Hoodies and sweaters. Thicker quilts and warm socks. Chilled breezes coming through the open kitchen windows.

Mikayla's birthday

A week or so ago, I made granola bars for the first time ever. Total WIN! Leaving this here so I remember to make them again.

Josh is working overtime on Saturdays for the time being, so the kids and I continue to do some school stuff even on the weekends!

The kids are enjoying having the garden to dig in to again.

I am pretty sure I have a baby boy growing in my belly at the moment. In fact, I just know a boy is in there. Something tells me Josie is going to end up our only princess. ...and a mighty wonderful princess she is indeed.

I wouldn't mind her having 3 brothers to protect her anyway.

Look out world!

We went apple picking with a huge group of family-like friends yesterday. I love these people.

Ashton photo bomb

Friends :)

Friends :)

^That photo and the next taken by Amy L. ;)

..:::Hugs:::. .::::Love:::.

I am thinking of you. Even if we don't get to talk or see eachother often. Know you haven't escaped my mind.