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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lake Luzerne

So we stayed a week in a little cottage up in the town of Lake Luzerne, NY. It is only a few miles away from the infamous Lake George. This vacation was perfect. Exhausted kids wrapped heavily in our tired arms around a warm fire each night. The smell of earth and sun. Sounds of the water softly greeting the welcoming shore. Coffee at sunrise beside an opened window. Watching as the sun slid from behind the mountain and slowly rose to fill in the big milky water of a pretty lake.

Oh, it was lovely.

(I told myself to narrow these pictures down so it wasn't so cluttered on here... but I just didn't have the heart to leave many out.)

So! I give you! ...Our week in pictures. 

At Roy Rogers. This became a joke for most of the week.

Entering Lake Luzerne!

My first shot of the lake

The park was wonderful. They keep all kinds of toys on the grounds for the children to play with. From bikes, to balls, to shovels and trucks.

Ahh, yes. Liam arrived with a black eye. He had a fall in the bathroom a few days prior.

The kids were pretty thrilled about the bunk bed.

You also have free access to all of the boats, canoes and paddle boats tied to the docks.

Our first full day!

Day three - Look who we found!

Tuesday - Day four

The Great Escape

I took this picture illegally. I guess you have to pay to have your picture taken with the turtle. Oops. hehe.

How fitting they ended up in jail afterward. ;)

Our sweet home for the week.

Wednesday - The rainy day

Making bouncy balls

Pilsbury pink lemonade cookies = amazing!


Minnows were everywhere!

Woah, I'm totally not pregnant. 

"The chicken house" ...I once stayed here when I was little with my mom, dad and brothers. I was three and I still remember it.

I wonder if I looked anything like this.

In honor of the 4th of July

and 179 days until Christmas

Josh and I played WAR every night.


Cheers, Lake Luzerne! Thank you for a glorious time.

One happy kitty happily greeting us.

Enjoy your week friends! I love you.

xoxo, Jessie