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Monday, April 24, 2017

Radio Flyer

Happy Monday night everyone! Today was a gorgeous day, wasn't it?


Last week, Ashton and Josie got NEW bikes. It was time to retire their rusty, smaller ones.


On Friday, we had a big egg hunt at the church!

I made little egg-shaped nutella sandwiches for the lunch potluck.

We played the bunny hop (I have had these bunny hop sacks in my closet for like 8 years now!) ...because I'm the type that has bunny hop sacks in her closet for 8 years.

and the egg toss game

After lunch, the kids had a big egg hunt!

Afterward, we went home and the kids rode bikes

Alright, so I had a little trouble finding Eli's helmet that day.

When Josh got home from work, he surprised me with my own easter basket! It made me so happy!

And I gave Josh his "easter basket"

We watched a marathon of The Beginners Bible cartoons with the kids. Starting with the Easter Story.

Boots still sleeps on Josie's bed every single night.

The next morning, the kids had fun at another egg hunt! This time, at a little church not too far from where we live. It was so sweet.

Inside the eggs, they had placed little tickets with numbers on them to get bigger prizes! All 4 of the kids found lots of tickets.

Home for more bike riding while I boiled eggs. It's so neat to see Eli out there riding now too!

A walk to the playground

Dying Easter Eggs!

After watching Peter Cottontail, we had pizza with grandma kelly, grandpa, great grandma and great grandpa Marsh

Setting out Eggs and Carrots for the bunny


One of the surprise chocolate balls had a little toy devil inside. What the heck was the Easter Bunny thinking?!

Easter morning mess :)

The kids got edible bubbles!

All decked out in their Sunday finest

Spotting the Easter Bunny at the Dunkin Donuts!

Those shoes though.

Dinner at Matt and Moos

Easter Egg hunt time!

He cracks me up.

More Spring and sunshine!

The same bikes we had when we'd ride to see eachother at 17 years old. We want to keep fixing them up for the rest of our lives. Hopefully, we'll be driving them together when we are 90 years old some day!

Yes, we still have Christmas lights on our trailer. Our friend's daughter calls our house "A boxcar"

Planning for our end of the year performance at co-op! It's really hard to believe we are nearing the end of the school year.

More miscellaneous Spring happenings here -

Can you guess the country the kids learned about this past Friday at co-op?!

Along with learning all kinds of things about Poland... the kids also made the Polish coat of arms while eating pierogies and I taught them how to sing Sto Lat - which they'll be singing at the end of the year performance!

Liam really gets into his performance

The kids began their gardening class!

Homeschooling allows you the freedom to step off the highway of learning for a scenic route:

Friendly antics game

Eli likes to carry around the electric guitar

Colton's 3rd birthday!

My Sunday school class. I love teaching this class so much. One of my favorite things.

Sunday afternoon at Matt and Moos

Matts face while giving the kids a lawn mower ride

Gramoos face watching the lawn mower ride

Uncle Joelys cat, Holly

Celebrating Moos Birthday

Monkey man

....And that about does it for me! Sorry for the picture overload. I feel that it is a frequent thing in my holiday-themed blog posts.

I love you all.

xoxo, Jessica