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Hi Everyone!

I am currently knee deep in spring cleaning.The entire hallway is filled with things we are hauling out of here and now its on to my biggest task - OUR BEDROOM! Pretty much everyone knows that our bedroom has mostly been a storage room since we've moved in here and not much has changed. I hope to get our room FINALLY looking like an actual bedroom and eventually painted like we've wanted since the day we moved in! Better late than never, right? Ahh!

I'll admit that since my dresser is broken, I currently have every piece of clothing I wear laying ON TOP of my dresser. So I hope to figure out a way to make do with the dresser I have until we are able to get a new one.

Meanwhile, under our bed... I wonder why I have bothered to hold onto things like my neon green ballet flats or certificates for things like my First Confession when I went to catholic school.

Josh's side of the room looks like an electronics store.

I think there is hope for us, maybe.

But if you don't hear from me in a few days, please send cookies. 

Last week -

Putting on a show with Elliot and Miles.

Back to Mt. Hope!

Cat eating a paper towel roll. Because who doesn't want to see those glorious paws?!

Hulk man and his spaghetti.

Every night he sneaks into our bed.

She loves her dish.

Back to Chittenango Falls!

The cutest backpacks for the boys from Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob.

Prep for a hulk party!


Using my back for a pillow. Sweet boy.


Dear future Eli, you stayed up 2 hours past your bedtime the night of your birthday. You talked and rambled on to your new Hulk stuffed animal about your day and when you gave Hulk a kiss goodnight you told me, "Thank you for this hulk. thank you for my power ranger suit. Thank you for all my presents."

You loved your 3rd birthday. You fell asleep that night in your full power ranger suit with all of your new toys surrounding you. I think it was the happiest day of your 3 years of life so far!

We love you so much Cublet. You are such a wonderful little guy. (I only wish there was a word even more wonderful than wonderful... because you would be it!)

The kids had their 1st Science Fair on Monday! It went so well! When I first came up with the idea of having a Science Fair at the co-op, I was worried not many... if anyone would show. I was so happy to see the entire downstairs full of kids and experiments! We had a great time and the kids are already looking forward to next year!

Josh and Pastor Frank were the judges (Pastor Frank also teaches at co-op. He is a retired highschool Science teacher!)

The winners

Fun with new playdoh

That about does it here for me!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I love you.

xoxo, Jess

Image result for spring susan branch


Amy said…
Thank you for a brief distraction from my tedious afternoon! =) <3 Lovely, as always. Glad Eli had such a wonderful birthday!
Anonymous said…
great job as always

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