When the red robin comes bobbin along

So... last night Josh surprised me with a strawberry milkshake at 10:30 p.m.

At first, I greeted him with a super happy thank you.

...but then the thought of a "5 billion calories or something" milkshake right before bed started to get to me. I had just spent the night talking to two friends about the 21 day fix they had begun (that so many others seem to be on currently as well). and there it was... the strawberry milkshake sitting on my dresser.. slowly melting in the cup. and there I was. suddenly not feeling good about myself. Or my love for strawberry milkshakes.

Josh continued to pressure me into having the milkshake he brought home for me. I felt sad. For the love of God, I love strawberry milkshakes.

Josh said I wasn't acting like the "panda he knows." ...(I know. I know. we have pet names for each other. Our kids have to deal with this daily).

after a good 10 minutes of sorting my thoughts... thinking about how this would actually be the 3rd nightly strawberry milkshake I've had in less than a week... the conversations of the 21 day fix... the quote from anne lamott that talks about having a comfortable tummy and being in the ocean...I decided to slurp down the entire milkshake in less than 2 minutes.

Josh smiled and said I look like a model. In all my strawberry milkshake slurping, thick glasses and Walmart nightgown glory.

and I felt blessed.

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Moving on from strawberry milkshakes...


Our room is looking like a bedroom!

I love rediscovering things that meant so much to me.

I decided to keep the kids diaper bag and i put all their baby books inside. This little bag has been through so much.

It's difficult to picture this bag laying in a landfill somewhere. Almost like seeing a happy piece of your memory laying in ruins. It doesn't make sense and hurts to think about. This little bag has sat on hospital room floors. it has held newborn diapers, knit blankets made from family members and friends, changes of clothes during the muddy seasons. Rattles and transformers. Baby wipes and emergency "be good in the store and you'll get a lollipop" lollipops. It's not time to give it up yet. Not now. Or maybe ever.

Some things were harder to find. I don't know why I held onto this... but I did. The very first paper a line of doctors handed us when they were explaining why Eli needed to be sent to another hospital. When they believed he had the coarc.

and this note that was given to us from our church family. Along with a collection of money so we could pay for the parking garage and food. It meant so much to us.

My dresser looks like a Josh shrine. If you can't tell, I'm a sentimental nut. The outfit on the wall is the exact outfit I wore the day I met Josh. I have the cups from our wedding, his highschool picture he gave me the first time we went bowling, our wedding cake topper, a DVD copy of Van Helsing which was the first movie we ever went to see. I really want to paint our walls a happy, bright green.

I also have this picture of my mom, brother and I. Beautiful mama.

The quilt we found on a completely random road in the middle of nowhere in Ithaca. The GPS brought us down a long and hilly road when we came across a little farm house with a table of free items sitting outside. This beautiful quilt sat on top and Josh stopped when I pointed it out. I have always wanted one like this but never had the money to buy one or the talent to make one.

Just recently I was telling friends about this story... and I said I wondered if God sometimes places little gifts that come in the form of free quilts in the middle of no where just to make us smile. I love to think that He does. And I want to tell Him one day that I've noticed because maybe not everyone has.

Last week, I worked on this little frame to hang over our bed. I want smaller lights but I still like the way it turned out!

I want to fill it with happy little quotes and pictures. I really want a ukulele (if you were wondering what the top left picture in the frame is about). I still need to pick up some mini clips to hang the pictures. For now, I just didn't want it to look empty.

A little heart collage in the corner of our room

Ashton had his last bowling day on Saturday. He's been getting up for bowling every Saturday since September! He wants to join again in the fall.

When he got home, I told him I wanted him to keep his trophy on the counter for the day because I wasn't done looking at it. He smiled so big.

Sweet Molly Moo. Our puppy bunny.

We started our resurrection eggs again! If you remember, the kids open one egg each day leading up to Easter and we read a bit of the Easter story. We all love it and seeing what each egg has inside every day.

Beautiful spring weather!

Time at Matt and Moos

New sand!!

Friday snow and sweatshirts...

Monday... SHORTS and SUN! ...and an incredibly hand printed mirror. Doesn't it always feel good to feel fresh air on your legs again?! It's almost strange at first.

Muddy playground - 'Tis the season

Lilacs are coming!

Small legos. Big legos. Legos every day.

The happiest soups ever.

Getting in some more time outside before the April showers.

I'm off to fix lunch and start up my quarterly reports! Happy Wednesday everyone! I love you.

Happiest spring song of all time. We sing it daily. Over and over and over again.

Play it loud and smile for me!

xoxo, Jessica

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Tammy said…
21 day fix....love the videos (your niece and I have done them a lot) I have not done the food containers but plan to at the end if this month when your brother is gone.
My bucket list right now includes learning to play the ukulele.....they sell them all over and I just need to pick a place for lessons.
I am also loving how frequent your post are, live you guys 😍.
Anonymous said…
very nice
Amy said…
Love the springtime pictures! Its been so nice!

All for 21 day fix and milkshakes in moderation! hahaha...and ice cream ;-)

See you soon! Have a happy, happy easter <3
Amy said…
PS Mikayla's room is bright green! she's kinda over the color now but she loved it when we first painted it. <3
Jan W said…
LOVE-LOVE- that song!! This just brightened up my whole day! Beautiful ----- And don't worry about milkshakes---you look great!!
carrie cole said…
#1 I think you look amazing!
#2 I think you are amazing!
#3 I love seeing your days on here since you said goodbye to IG.
#4 Marley plays the ukulele!
#5 I miss our texts and think of you often.
Love ya friend! Xo Carrie

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