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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Just be here with me.

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy two weeks. Really, I feel so tired but good.

Our co-op this month was easily my favorite one so far. I had a feeling it would be.

The teens learned how to do the electrical wiring through the wall they built last month. They were all so happy and proud!

They B group made wood lego photo holder things. (I really don't know the technical name... but they were cool!)

The B group kids learned all about Australia in Around the World. They had fairy bread, played an aboriginal game, painted aboriginal clapping sticks, watched a video of an aboriginal tribal dance and they also did the basic things where we talked and shared details about the country, colored Australian flags and heard the Australian national anthem.

The creative writing class made stories from pictures they found in magazines. The only thing I allowed was a title for their story. They did great!

The preschool kids did all kinds of fun things!

We also had our Valentines party

One of the kids came up to me and gave me a thank you hug and a Valentine he had made with his mom at home. It meant so much to me. I never want to eat it!

I wish I had more pictures of the other classes... but sometimes it's difficult!

Anyway, moving on to more of our pictures from the last 2 weeks...

I can't believe it's already MARCH tomorrow! I am so excited for this upcoming month. So many good things to look forward to. :) ...Like more Irish Mint Milk!

In the meantime, happy for this moment. Right here. now. My breath. my breath. my breath.

Talk to you soon!

xoxo, Jess