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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the heck does a bee do?

Ashton and Josie have been so good at caring for Liam and loving him.

He's proud of his little brother.

Josie nurses her dolls.

Opening up his baby book I smiled at the empty pages. We have so much to look forward to.

I can almost hear him growing.

Ashton and Josie often sit and stare at our growing plants in the front windows. They like to update me on the progress.


He has the most thoughtful eyes.

Just a month ago I sat on our back steps dreaming of this.

It was a sweaty 90 degrees the other day so Liam and I caught the warm breeze lying beside the opened back door.

Ashton and Josie spent much of the afternoon turning their sandbox into a little beach.

With Josie coming back up the steps every 5 minutes to check on brother "Yee-um"

During one of her trips back up the steps, big brother was stung by a bee...

As he came up to me in tears, "mama! mama! a bee bit me! a bee bit me" My mind went blank. What do I do about this? I thought. The shock of it all turned my brain to slush. "Mama! Why did God make bees? Why do they bite? What are bees for?" ...I could hardly remember what a bee was as a teary eyed Ashton looked up at me in desperation to hear answers. Why did God make bees? ...I searched my head for answers and answered as best as I could. I slapped a cold washcloth on the sting and tried to remember how to care for bee "bites."

Oh man. I thought. It's amazing when children look to us for all the answers. That can be scary sometimes. I don't always have all the answers. I might not always remember the answers. and I will certainly not always have all the right ones.

But I'll certainly try to do my best at figuring the wrong ones out and remembering the ones I might not have remembered when I was put on the spot.

Before we went to bed... we read about bees.

"Without Bees to pollinate plants, plants wouldn't have lived and spread, and neither would the animals without plants." ...oh yes. I remember now! Why didn't I put it that way?

..."but mama? what is pollinate? why are they black and yellow? why do the like to bite me?"

We'll talk about that tomorrow. I said. Reminding myself to do some research after Liam falls asleep.

How boring life would be without questions. The good and simple kind. I'm not ready for the bigger ones they have in store for me yet. I'm still learning about bees.

See you later?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Just plugging along April over here. Triumph and defeat are equal possibilities in my daily life. Some days I manage to write, do laundry and put it away, clean the kitchen, draw with Ashton & Josie, coo with Liam, put my hair up and make a delicious dinner. And, some days it takes me hours to accomplish one little thing like drinking a glass of water or changing my pants, my big accomplishment unloading the dishwasher, and Josh gets home and I'm all don't we have waffles in the freezer?

How I spent most of my week - we've all been sick around here and this is the only thing that helps Liam sleep.

Ashton and Josie cannot get enough of cuddling (rolling over, wrestling, tickling, squeezing) Liam. It is very cool (with a parent playing interference) and sometimes a little scary.

Life is full these days. The very hard but totally worth it and good kind.

Can't get enough of looking at this.

I'm learning to let go again. Those last few months of pregnancy can be brutal when the nesting instincts kick in. A mess is just a mess.

Letting go...

"Hey mama look! It's our castle."

"We built a campfire!"

Boots is loving the fact that she is no longer the smallest being in our home.

Another wonderful thing about Liam being in his wrap... mama can allow Ashton and Josie to play with playdoh and craft as much as they desire since I have free hands and can still supervise in the kitchen.

~~Letting go.

Here I was telling myself... "The playdoh can be picked up when they are finished. Let go. Let go..."

Josie is loving Liam's hat. One morning she came up to me, "Mama. Look at me in my Liam's hat. It's mine."

Letting go... She does look pretty cute in it.

The weather has been very typical of what we are used to this time of year in NY. Some bitterly cold nights... 40-50-60 degree days. Sunshine one second... complete cloud cover and rain the next.

Getting outside feels so good this time of year. A coat should probably be worn but it doesn't have to be. Our entire household is loving the thawed earth.

Yes. She does indeed look adorable in that hat. Liam needs to grow into it anyway.

He's so good at being a daddy.

Sometimes my photos come out all blurry-like and out of focus. I just cannot bare to see life through the lens sometimes.

First time hanging out in his crib.

I finally remembered to snap some photos of them in their cute little crowns

Our easter weekend was good fun. Starting with games, crafts and a big egg hunt at church.

It was a perfectly sunny weekend.

Liam wore the very same easter bunny outfit Ashton wore on his first easter.


Ashton (at 4 months)...

We decorated eggs Saturday after dinner.

Thank you my sweet Amy for refreshing my memory.

The pink one is mineeee!

It's funny remembering last year. I swear Ashton was still a toddler. Thinking like. Playing like. Talking like. ...and now I'm staring at this kid. He's a kid now.

*inserting random picture of my easter lights right here*

Our finished eggs. I love the way they turned out.

Writing our letters to the easter bunny...

Reading the story of Easter...

Not to be confused with the story of "aster."

Come to find out... most people set out carrots for the easter bunny. We set out eggs.

The easter bunny was good to us.

Her new favorite shoes. Hand me down sandles from her adorable friend Hannah.

We're loving our new crayon rocks!

Liam slept so sweetly through all the noise.

Loud, excited siblings have become his lullaby.

Before church I made them pose. I am so glad I made them stop for some pictures.

After church, we had easter dinner at moo and matt's and enjoyed our egg hunt there.

Checking out our prize winnings

I'm feeling very. very. blessed.

Catch you all soon.