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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding Bells

Moo and Matt were married last night.
 photo IMG_1961-1_zps030577b8.jpg

Ashton and Josie have been very sick the last couple of days, so our original plan of "all of us going to witness it" didn't exactly work out. In fact, I almost missed it myself.

 ...but, as you can see, I did get there. ...Just in time in fact. I am so overjoyed I was able to witness this amazing moment in my mom's life.
 photo IMG_1963_zps8debd227.jpg

 photo IMG_1964_zpsd2e071e2.jpg

 photo IMG_1966-1_zpsd849cc94.jpg

 photo IMG_1967-1_zps7722483b.jpg

 photo IMG_1968_zps8a884cbd.jpg

 photo IMG_1969_zps1a48c625.jpg

 photo IMG_1973_zps61dc66a7.jpg

Afterward, we had dinner at Tassone's and we had a special cake from her favorite bakery.
 photo IMG_1975-1_zps6dcd2afe.jpg
Mom and Matt, I love you. I am so happy for you. Congratulations. ((Hugs, Hugs, Hugs)) You mean the world to me.

We also celebrated Moo's birthday this weekend.
 photo IMG_1916_zps91185fac.jpg

 photo IMG_1922_zps886d8d49.jpg

Joel's gift to mom
 photo IMG_1937_zps5f495ddc.jpg

 photo IMG_1939_zps7851bc4b.jpg

 photo IMG_1942_zps63e1feaf.jpg

 photo IMG_1943_zps0d32affc.jpg

April Showers
 photo IMG_1906_zps013e7255.jpg

April flowers

 photo IMG_1886_zpscd81a6e4.jpg

 photo IMG_1792-1_zps956959bf.jpg

 photo IMG_1797_zpseb57437e.jpg

 photo IMG_1802_zps5b8e6170.jpg

 photo IMG_1804_zps45f45e41.jpg

 photo IMG_1808_zps73240cb7.jpg

 photo IMG_1816_zpse5ab17da.jpg

 photo IMG_1820_zpse85c2eb5.jpg

 photo IMG_1824-1_zpsd36c7152.jpg

 photo IMG_1833_zpsb650a239.jpg

 photo IMG_1836_zps05fae773.jpg

 photo IMG_1844_zpsa05c63d0.jpg

 photo IMG_1845_zps8a0952f9.jpg

 photo IMG_1859_zps46119e2a.jpg

 photo IMG_1866-1_zps9d09297e.jpg

 photo IMG_1867-1_zps7d1128fc.jpg

 photo IMG_1880-1_zps0a4c8b76.jpg

 photo IMG_1882_zpsbe6e8871.jpg

 photo IMG_1883_zps661f8fa2.jpg

Finally, the kids and I picked up this book from the library a couple of weeks ago.
 photo IMG_1853_zps7a3d6ef0.jpg

I had the kids look through the book and pick out which recipes they wanted to make for the week. To be honest, I really love Rachael Ray. Mostly because I am the proud owner of her yellow cookware set and her   Little Hoot dinnerware set. I have grabbed a few of her recipes online before but I had yet to try an actual cookbook. We had a lot of fun with the new recipes.
 photo IMG_1787_zps963ee803.jpg

 photo IMG_1790_zps4fcebe8d.jpg

A couple of favorites from the week that will now be in our dinner rotation (click on names for recipe links)-
Turkey sloppy joes with cheese fries
 photo IMG_1851_zps60fbae76.jpg

Worms and eyeballs. -As gross of a name that it has (remember, it is directed toward children), it was super delicious. This is actually a picture of my lunch the next day from the leftovers. The only thing I'd recommend, is to roll the meatballs in some of the extra hoisin sauce for extra flavor before serving. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
 photo IMG_1854_zps63ea6414.jpg

A couple of other great recipes we tried recently
Pizza popcorn
Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Here's hoping for healthier kids, continued beautiful weather and everlasting happiness for all of you.

Much love to the newlyweds!

((Hugs to all)) I love you. You know?
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xoxo, Jessie

Thursday, April 11, 2013

All things spring

Saint Patricks day...

A naughty little leprechaun paid the kids a visit again this year. This time, leaving little footprints and evidence of his visit all around.
 photo IMG_0988.jpg

 photo IMG_0990.jpg

 photo IMG_0993.jpg

 photo IMG_1007.jpg

He even turned our toilet water green with glitter! (I spared you that image)
 photo IMG_1009.jpg

 photo IMG_1017.jpg

We found Josie's bear and a bag of tangerines on the ceiling fan!
 photo IMG_1020.jpg

If Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Saint Patrick's day Leprechaun were in the Olympics of, "getting the biggest, EXCITED reaction out of a child" ...the leprechaun would win the gold by a landslide. 

At least in this silly little house.
 photo IMG_1021.jpg

 photo IMG_1023.jpg

Ashton was a bit disappointed we weren't able to catch the leprechaun in our trap this year. The good news is, he says he's come up with an even better idea for our trap next year.

He has plans to catch him and have him live in the hermit crab tank.
 photo IMG_1024.jpg

I tried to get Liam to stop eating the frosting-flavored footprints.
 photo IMG_1027.jpg

As you know, grandma Kelly and grandpa came up for a visit the week of Liam's birthday. We had the most wonderful visit together.

Josie's first haircut
 photo IMG_1251.jpg

 photo IMG_1255.jpg

 photo IMG_1258.jpg

Fun at the MOST museum
 photo IMG_1342.jpg

 photo IMG_1344.jpg

 photo IMG_1345.jpg

 photo IMG_1348.jpg

 photo IMG_1350.jpg

 photo IMG_1352.jpg

Ashton was absolutely fascinated with all things space.
 photo IMG_1354.jpg

 photo IMG_1355.jpg

Dennys for baseball pancakes!
 photo IMG_1357.jpg

Decorating easter eggs with grandma Kelly
 photo IMG_1359.jpg

 photo IMG_1360.jpg

 photo IMG_1363.jpg

Something I have always loved while I watch the kids with any of their grandparents, is seeing all the similarities that connect them. From facial expressions, to interests, to smiles.

For instance, it's lovely to see grandma's artsy talents coming alive in her 3 year old granddaughter. How lovely it is to be connected in such a way.
 photo IMG_1366.jpg

 photo IMG_1370.jpg

 photo IMG_1372.jpg

 photo IMG_1381.jpg

 photo IMG_1396.jpg

Josh photo-bombing.
 photo IMG_1399.jpg

We miss you guys.
 photo IMG_1401.jpg

The next day, we went to the annual "easter eggstravaganza" at our church.
 photo IMG_1407.jpg

 photo IMG_1412.jpg

 photo IMG_1413.jpg

 photo IMG_1419.jpg

 photo IMG_1426.jpg

 photo IMG_1431.jpg

 photo IMG_1433.jpg

The craft - They planted grass seeds in these.
 photo IMG_1439.jpg

 photo IMG_1444.jpg

 photo IMG_1448.jpg

 photo IMG_1449.jpg

 photo IMG_1451.jpg

 photo IMG_1459.jpg

 photo 537164_447850771963743_613939931_n_zps66c3e642.jpg

 photo IMG_1466.jpg

 photo IMG_1468.jpg

 photo IMG_1473.jpg

 photo IMG_1474.jpg

 photo IMG_1480.jpg

 photo IMG_1484.jpg

 photo IMG_1489.jpg

After the egg hunt, we piled into the car to spend the afternoon with Aunt Jo Jo
 photo IMG_1491.jpg

 photo IMG_1494.jpg

 photo IMG_1495.jpg

 photo IMG_1496.jpg

 photo IMG_1497.jpg

 photo IMG_1501.jpg

 photo IMG_1503.jpg

 photo IMG_1504.jpg

 photo IMG_1510.jpg

 photo IMG_1514.jpg

 photo IMG_1525.jpg

 photo IMG_1529.jpg

 photo IMG_1530.jpg

Thank you Aunt Jo Jo for everything! You mean the world to us.
 photo IMG_1532.jpg

Home. Setting easter eggs out for the bunny.
 photo IMG_1539.jpg

 photo IMG_1541.jpg

 photo IMG_1542.jpg

Happy Easter!!
 photo IMG_1562.jpg

 photo IMG_1567.jpg

 photo IMG_1575.jpg

 photo IMG_1580.jpg

 photo IMG_1586.jpg

 photo IMG_1588.jpg

 photo IMG_1591.jpg

Wiggly kids in their sweet Easter outfits from Mema and grandpa
 photo IMG_1595.jpg

 photo IMG_1597.jpg

 photo IMG_1598.jpg

 photo IMG_1600.jpg

 photo IMG_1603.jpg

 photo IMG_1609.jpg

 photo IMG_1611.jpg

 photo IMG_1617.jpg

Church time!
 photo IMG_1622.jpg

 photo IMG_1625.jpg

Someone protested her bow. hehe.
 photo IMG_1627.jpg

 photo IMG_1628.jpg

 photo IMG_1634.jpg

 photo IMG_1636.jpg

After church we went to Moo and Matt's house!
Skyping with Uncle Johnny. (Please remember him and his family in your prayers. He is deployed in Afghanistan.)
 photo IMG_1643.jpg

It was raining pretty good outside, so our usual egg hunt was more like... "Try to pick up as many eggs off the kitchen floor as you can in a minute."
 photo IMG_1655.jpg

 photo IMG_1657.jpg

 photo IMG_1659.jpg

Welcoming spring!
 photo IMG_1673.jpg

 photo IMG_1286.jpg

 photo IMG_1299.jpg

 photo IMG_1304.jpg

 photo IMG_1318.jpg

 photo IMG_1326.jpg

 photo IMG_1330.jpg

You may have a little boy in your home if...
 photo IMG_1679.jpg

Children, shovels and toys have been occupying our garden
 photo IMG_1319.jpg

 photo IMG_1680.jpg

 photo IMG_1685.jpg

 photo IMG_1687.jpg

Cute picture fail!
 photo IMG_1689.jpg

 photo IMG_1693.jpg

 photo IMG_1696.jpg

 photo IMG_1700.jpg

 photo IMG_1711.jpg

 photo IMG_1715.jpg

 photo IMG_1717.jpg

 photo IMG_1732.jpg

 photo IMG_1739.jpg

 photo IMG_1740.jpg

 photo IMG_1743.jpg

 photo 0000000.jpg

 photo IMG_1748.jpg

 photo IMG_1750.jpg

 photo IMG_1755.jpg

 photo IMG_1756.jpg

 photo IMG_1757.jpg

One of the last days of our spring vacation last week, we met the Laforte clan at the park for a picnic and kite flying.
 photo IMG_1761.jpg

Let me just say, flying kites in April next to the water with a pack of young children might not have been the brightest idea we've ever had. ...But oh man was it funny. In a completely, "are we crazy?" way.
 photo IMG_1764.jpg

Josie became completely tangled up in her kite
 photo IMG_1767.jpg

Kites were flying into big sisters
 photo IMG_1768.jpg

Blurry pictures were taken due to holding a very angry baby who insisted on playing in ice cold puddles. We also picnicked in the damp sand since it was freezing in the shade of the pavilion where the picnic tables were.
 photo IMG_1772.jpg

Josie, "Mama. I hot." *She immediately takes off coat, shoes and socks and runs through humongous puddle*
 photo IMG_1779.jpg

We ended up leaving a lot earlier than expected due to very wet and cold children. I blasted the heat in the car and tried to mute out Josie's whine for the sandwich she didn't eat at the park. My head hurt.

Our talk went something like this:

I calmly tell her, "Josie, you cannot have your sandwich right now. You have to wait because mommy is driving. Once we get home, I will gladly give it to you."
Josie- "BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HUNGRY! PLEASEE!! I WANT IT NOW!"
*Liam begins screaming again because of his sisters loud voice and not being able to nap in noisy car*
Me- "Not NOW Josie. When we get home, you can have your sandwich. I promise"
*Screaming baby. Whining noises from Josie. Carries on for another 5 minutes*
Me (Finally reaching my breaking point, In a shamefully loud voice with a heart that is beating so fast I think I am going to hyperventilate.)- "YOU DO NOT TALK TO ME THAT WAY! THAT IS NOT NICE!!!!!!!!!"

*Car falls to complete silence at the shock of mom's loud, raised voice.*

*Nothing but the sound of the fans from the heater blowing for minutes*

*Suddenly I break the silence with a big, loud laugh. Ashton and Josie start laughing along*

Crazy day.

We returned home to eat the rest of our dusty sand-coated tuna sandwiches.

With fruit leathers in hand, the kids declare it the best day ever. The best day ever.
 photo IMG_1769.jpg

Happy Spring, friends. xoxo, Jessie