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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty in the world

On Friday I took the kids to Green Lakes. Ashton wasted no time getting into the water. The moment his little sneakers touched the beach he was gone. Josie just sat back and enjoyed the ice cold water from a distance. Watching her brother splash through the water with his easter bucket as his sand pail and mommy's measuring cup as a shovel... she was happy. He was happy. So, of course, mommy was happy too.

Walking back to the car all you could hear was the "squish squish squish" from soggy wet sneakers. Ashton's face was bright with smiles and he smelled of seaweed and sand. -Could it be summer is coming soon?
We're ready to welcome you with open arms, dear summer. Come pay us a visit when you can.

Saturday was one of those perfectly lazy days. We set the laid-back meter to high and just enjoyed eachother. We napped. We played. We colored. We snacked. We danced. We teased the cat. and then, when we were motivated enough to get out of our pajamas, we drove into town to rent a few videos and to get some icecream.
You can't help but feel special every time you walk on the yellow brick road. Or, maybe, I'm just oddly overly-amused by it no matter how often we go into town. I've fallen in love with this place.

On Sunday we went to a new church. ...Our new church. :) The best part is, a couple of amazing friends of ours go there.

Josh just had to try out his new lawn mower when we got back from my mom's house. Thank you again, mom and matt.

and lastly, Monday. Oh, Monday. The day most dread but we have come to love these past two weeks. My sister was in town so we celebrated with a lasagna dinner and peanut butter cup pie. It was so nice to have a full house of family again. Nothing beats spontaneous family reunions.
Saying our goodbyesFamily, *with arms stretched out wide giving hugs* I love you.

and, as I hear their soft sleeping breaths tonight, (-pure heaven) I'm reminded, once again, of what truly matters in this life. Like those spring beach things. Those lazy family day things. The new church things. The family time things. The sleepy time things. All those small things. Every bit of them.

With much love, Jessica

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

"Earth Day is celebrated in the US on April 22 and is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment."

Today's activites started with the baking of our Earth day cake.

As sister looked on with her waffle... (frozen waffles make excellent teething biscuits)

While the cake baked we colored...
(...and clearly stole some frosting while we waited.)

and what would earth day be without planting some seeds? ...Tomato to be specific. (Thank you, Aunt Kim)

Grow, Grow, Grow!

And, what would any day be with out mommy making dad and babies pose for a "just one last picture, I promise!" photo...

Happy Earth Day.