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Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The children received a package from grandma Kelly and grandpa Victor this past week. (thank you again guys!)

Yesterday, I thought the kids were napping peacefully in their rooms when I suddenly heard a loud eruption of laughter coming from Josie's bedroom. As soon as I opened Josie's door; Ashton ran for it. Leaving this little one all alone with the evidence.

We love our Valentines Day goodies. :)

We met and held our brand new nephew Matthew James this past Thursday.

I am so in love. He slept so sweetly.

Oh, how I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you do with your life little one.

After breakfast this morning; we decided to go to the park. We zipped and mittened and booted up until we were all bundled.

The sky was so lovely today and the air kissed our cheeks with cold lips. We were the first ones to arrive and we watched as the new morning sun peeked in from the east to say hello.

Josh insisted on bringing the kids up the hill himself. ...that didn't last very long. ;)

It was the best cardio workout we've gotten in quite a while. :)

After sledding, we headed to the playground for some more fun.

Everything is so quiet in the winter time. Resting and waiting for the cold to be melted into warm puddles. The swings sat silent and chilled. Waiting ever so patiently for little hands to grasp their chain linked handles. ...They felt like ice today. Much differently then they did when we left them in the fall.

...But we held on any way with soft knit mittens while the swings brought a sweet, summery sound that echoed through the winter air around us.

I think we'll visit the playground more often in the wintertime.

When we arrived back home, we sat around the kitchen table as we listened to an old Doors record and drank hot chocolate from our favorite mugs.

Busy living the snowy winter wonderland life, Jess

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And so began another chapter in the life of Ashton today. It was his first day in preschool.

To be honest, it all happened so fast. ...Not just the part where he was a baby like yesterday and now he's a preschooler.... but just the initial signing up and starting up school in general came so unexpectedly. We went to ask questions last Thursday, and 5 days later he is a student. ...Our boy. A student.

Last week at this time, we were praying. We prayed about preschool and if it would be the right decision for him.

With God's help; I know we made the right one.

It sounds so silly, a preschool that is held for 2 days a week for 2 hours. What's the big deal? ...How could it have been such a big decision? ...but it was. and it is with decisions like this, I sometimes wish that all I had to do is thumb through a parenting manual with all the perfect answers.

but of course, it doesn't exist.

And although a manual would indeed be very convenient from time to time, what would life be without the chance for us to find our own answers?

So in the meantime, we look to God. and we look to our children. ...As the beautiful individuals as they are. ...That is how we make our choices.

Ashton loved his first day of school. and we're feeling so proud tonight.

This will be so good for him. and I'm excited to see what more is to come.

OK, onto other things. :) I give you more of our Mudworks "recipes!"

So, we've found our first flop.

Yes, yummy dough was indeed yummy. but much like a lot of the other edible doughs we have tried in the past; this one was hard to play with.

and so, we went in another direction. Indoor snowmen. -What fun!!!

We played until the snow melted into large, lukewarm puddles.

I helped Ashton fashion his snow into a Christmas bear. ...The fork made me laugh. Ashton says it's because the bear was hungry; but I think he was just dropping hints as it was around lunch time when we did this. ;)

Josie helped me form her snow into a little snow kitty.

"Kitty Kitty!" she'd say while smiling. ...She just couldn't get enough of the frozen ice cat.

Ashton gives indoor snowmen a HUGE thumbs up!

Happy Tuesday every one!

funny, Josh spotted these pjs a mile away when we were at Walmart and he said Josie just had to have them.

Trusting God,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the chicken dance

Not too much going on this side of town. Simple to-do's and random silliness. Cocoa, warm blankets and two giddy toddlers. Our carpets remain wet from snow that melted off little snow boots and our dishwasher is filled with plates that probably should have been scraped off a little better. Ah, January. I'm content here.

We have begun getting ready for our Valentines Day party. While I've been planning music and thinking up favors; the kids have been busy making their Valentines...

Ashton will always find a way to amuse himself. He's the funniest little thing I have ever seen.

Today it was this...

Silver bowl hat, carrying a tambourine and a pen, wearing his sisters Hello Kitty necklace, all while riding his rocking horse and singing, "happy and you know it clap your hands. happy and you know it clap your hands. happy and you know it clap your hands. happy and you..." Ok, you get the idea. Throw in a little, "jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!"

...and finally, the silver bowl hat comes off of his head and gracefully greets his chest as he bows.

Bravo, Ashton!!

I've been bringing the kids outside each day with the hopes we'd have the snowman making kind of snow. -Not too hard, not too soft. Today, it was just that. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Of course, his name is Frosty. He lives here. ...Not with Santa. His pipe is a nose. His stick arms hurt. and he doesn't want Josie to touch him. -(Ashton's description)

I laughed so hard at this picture. It was only until after I took these photos; I realized Josie was without a boot.

It sat there mocking me on the sled. "bad mama!" "bad mama!" ...Wow, it really must be January. ...A boot is mocking me.

She took it like a true NYer though. She'll probably grow up to be the flip flop wearing diva in the wintertime. She was more concerned why the snow man wouldn't say a hello back to her.

That's about it for now everyone. Hoping you're staying warm tonight. With much love, Jessica

(Oh! and for the record, I have no idea why I titled this blog, "the chicken dance." and I'm also glad we doubled up on socks at least. -Cheers!)