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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


The kids and I have been having fun looking back on our old Braskyhouse youtube videos. Especially during this nostalgic time of birthdays and leprechauns. I get a kick out of looking back and seeing how much they've grown already!

Most of the time I'm like...

Anyway, today is such a dismal day. We are in that strange, season-shifting stage of March where mud is slowly swallowing up the snow, old newspapers and other miscellaneous garbage rests on the gravel-stained snow banks, gray clouds stretch flat across the sky and in-general gloom can be seen outside of every window.

Moving forward - Liam turned FIVE on the 23rd! It's hard for me to believe he'll be a Kindergartner in September. Wasn't he just my swaddled burrito baby yesterday?

He wanted a Mario themed party this year. It was a cute theme!

Little Mario mushroom cupcakes...

I packed all the kids individual lunch bags to make lunch time easier. I find that kids love that sort of thing. 

Nutella sandwiches, chips, cookies, juice boxes... You know, the good stuff!

The night before his birthday 

Liam asked for candy and Pokemon cards for his birthday 

His requested birthday breakfast (Which is pretty much what he has every day anyway. hehe)

When you are waiting for the Mario party to begin...


The kids played "Pin the mustache on Mario"

Josie won!

and "Stomp the Goombas." I had put tokens inside each balloon so they could win a token everytime they popped a balloon and they were each able to pick out a prize from the prize bowl. 

Liam actually didn't appreciate the loud noises. haha.

Present time!

Cupcake time!

The kids also had fun with the pinata! Though, this is the only picture I got of the aftermath!

I got some of the kids to wear Mario mustaches!

Liam requested Spaghetti for his birthday dinner. His favorite!

After dinner, Grandma Kelly, Grandpa Vic and Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Marsh came over for cake and icecream!

It was a great day celebrating our Liam!

Liam wanted a picture of himself in his new shirt the next day!

A pizza night with the Irvines!

Josie invited Josh and I to a sleepover in her bedroom on Saturday night. I loved her party prep.

After our makeovers and watching the BFG (GREAT movie) on the ipad... I woke up to this... (He always finds me!)

Liam and one of his best buddies at church

A birthday party for Liam at Moo and Matt's house

Sunday night coloring with his new art set from Uncle Joely

My friend Amanda picked up this fun journal for me when she was out shopping the other day. I love it! I plan to have us fill it out together as a family each night at dinner.

Haircuts from Grandma Kelly!

A fantastic $3 clearance find...

Party prep for the next Birthday boy!

and more random shots..

Crooked picture frame for the win! School time.

I taught Ashton how to play Elderly Woman Behind by Pearl Jam on the guitar this morning! Though he prefers to practice on my guitar because the strings are easier to push down, he now has a guitar of his own from Grandma Kelly! 

Anyway, I'm off to clean things up in here and to get ready for tonight! Talk to you soon everyone. Hang in there! Many warm and sunny days are ahead of us. I promise. 

xoxo, Jessica