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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkins and Acorns.

Hello, end of OCTOBER.

With the grand finale happening tomorrow night, I feel grateful we took in this month as much as possible. I don't think we have it in us to carve another pumpkin or cut out another construction paper bat. The trees are becoming bare and the air is getting cooler. November is in 2 days! 2 more months for 2014.

...but for now I sit in great anticipation for tomorrow night. We have one excited Clone Trooper, Unicorn, Pterodactyl and Meerkat. With 4 kids hitting the streets now, we should have a candy supply that will last us the rest of the year! ...and some people wonder why we wanted so many children...

Three words - Peanut. Butter. Cups.


Josie asked me if she could be a dress-fixer one day. I told her she'd be called a seamstress and she smiled proudly from ear to ear. "That. That's what I want to do."

Ashton collected about two buckets worth of acorns on this day. I'm finding acorns every where now. In our kitchen drawers, dressers, beds. Acorns! Acorns everywhere!

We've frequented Chapman Park a few times this month.


Our Monarch

These little things really instill my faith in God. Every last thing on this earth working together in a silent but beautiful way. Caterpillar to butterfly. Children to adults. It's perfect. Just perfect.

Ashton and Josie made a batch of Halloween cookies during Liam and Eli's naptime a couple weeks ago.

My favorite pictures to look back on are the stills from inside our home. When "real life" things were happening.

After 7 years of pondering the mummy hotdog, it finally happened. ...and we all rate it with a "meh."

This year, we had a pumpkin carving party with friends. It was a great night with people I love so much.

(Thank you all for praying for Eli. He is doing GREAT.)

I accidentally stored Josie's costume on top of the cat nip...

Trick or treating at Green Lakes this past weekend -

Carving our family pumpkin

Spinach artichoke dip pasta with bacon. If you like the dip, try this recipe. Oh. and if you are looking to gain 10 lbs in one night. ...that too. I think when the kids are grown, a lot of my pictures will be of food. I love food.

On Tuesday, the forecast promised warmer temperatures. I sent out a few texts inviting some friends to the park for one last picnic day for this season.

Her name is Nora Belle and her mama makes fabulous hats.

Next 2 taken by Ashton.

I think there is some unwritten rule about homeschooling families having a lot of kids. I love it.

Back next week to share our Halloween. :)

xoxo, Jessie