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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Geocaching obsession

Today, rain is in the forecast and we are enjoying a quiet day. The washer is rinsing and the dryer is rumbling. Cartoons are playing. I have plans to make brownies for dessert this evening. All is right with the world.

I'm going to title this photo, "no toys allowed on the table."

Josie had her last teeball game of the season last Thursday.

Morning walks on the canal. Peaceful.

At our turn-around point, a little donkey and two ponies come to greet us. Free petting zoo!

He fell asleep like this.

Pizza Hut! -Just about the only restaurant we can dine-in during this phase of 7 and under. We love it!

The kids and I spend a lot of time at the library. Josie plays with the paper dolls while the boys play with trains and trucks.

Back to swimming every day!

Josie's badge ceremony for Girlscouts at Chapman park.

Some of her new badges!

Father's day!

Someone learned how to climb up onto things this past week.

Chocolate chip cookies. -Josh's request for fathers day. Anyone else?

I am beyond blessed that I crossed paths with this awesome human being over 11 years ago. The father of my children. Kind, gentle, hard working and funny. You're everything a good husband and father should be. We love you.

Little explorers.

We hiked through creeks and trails in flip flops and sandals to a waterfall.

A realistic view on how our floor often looks in the summer. Grass clippings, sippy cups. toys, half-eaten apples and babies.

Ashton took this picture. They were watching me from the window as I ran to get their inner tubes that were flying away. Afternoon entertainment.

Josie made her own baby carrier.

Christmas cookies to bring to our homeschool playgroup! -To celebrate Leon day. (1/2 year left until Christmas!)

On Leon day, we celebrated with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a park picnic day and Christmas movies with popcorn and cocoa at night.

Snowman sandwiches for our picnic.

Sullivan park with friends from our co-op.

hoping for many more summer days just like this.

The next day, we spent an afternoon at the beach with my best friend Amy and her awesome kids! (All pictures taken by my phone or Amy's.)

As I look at this picture, I'm trying to figure out how Ryan was able to jump that high out of the water in such a way.


Summer days mean chores in swimsuits.

Our first Geocaching adventure! We were SO excited to get started, we left dinner plates and bowls on the table and headed out the door. Geocaching is something we've wanted to do for so long. If you are unfamiliar with Geocaching, click here for more information. (Quite simply, it's a real treasure hunt!)

This one was found inside a tree.

We put a small doll and storm trooper inside and took out a couple airplane cards

The next day, the kids and I went geocaching again. I noticed two cemeteries nearby on the map had hidden boxes. So, we went on our hunt.

Our 2nd box!

Our 3rd treasure hunt in the 2nd cemetery. -We found it under some old stairs!

There you have it! My weekly wrap up. I hope your coming week is wonderful. You are loved!

Much love, Jessie