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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Happy Tuesday, everyone! Back with more November pictures :)

First, just a little bit of the pictures from November co-op...

In STEM class, the kids had to build a little Mayflower boat that could hold 10 pennies

The littles made banana pudding and homemade butter for our Thanksgiving lunch potluck

In the afternoon, I had the little ones pretend they were zoo keepers! They learned that zoo keepers take care of the animals at the zoo by feeding them, grooming them, making sure they are healthy and comfortable. They each got to bring a little monkey home in the little boxes they decorated with blankets!

For snack time, they made these zoo animal graham crackers.

and some art from the older kids

Afterward, Ashton used his Birthday gift card and money from the Grandparents to buy himself Pokemon Sun and Moon! He was SO excited

Celebrating Grandpa Marsh's Birthday!

Putting up outdoor lights

Peaceful snow

Christmas decor

More snow :)

One night, Amy brought over her awesome Chili and Macaroni and cheese for dinner! Along with apple cider, cookies and chips. Seriously, her heart is the best of the best.

Last week, I painted the living room a light green color that Josh's parents had given us. Later on, Josie joined in on helping and Josh helped me to finish it off!

It was crazy town up in here for a little while though. haha.

I found a new place for my Montana cup

Eli thinks painting is exhausting

A visual representation of life lately

Sorting books

Josie's drawing of a mermaid!

A Long December... dododododo

Sweet Liam. So proud to call him ours.

The whole group. because they looked so snuggable on the day before Turkey day.


Liam always needs to sleep with "Giraffey and Bunny"

Putting up the tree. This year, we took out the old box in the shed with the tree Josh and I used when we were first married! ...The middle rod is a little bent and it was missing a few of the inserts... but all in all... it fit perfectly in the little corner of our living room. We just love it!

Proud of their Christmas tree

Did anyone else watch the Trolls Christmas Special?

Our Elf on the Shelf, Rosie came back that night!

The kids love seeing where she lands

Oh! and the finished living room...

Gingerbread houses... in which we warned the kids multiple times not to eat as it was an old kit and it's probably toxic by now, haha

Parade of lights with Ben and Matthew

Pizza Sunday at Moo and Matts

A house not too far from Moo and Matt's house has awesome lights that sing along to the songs on the radio

Because everyone needs to watch this at least 10 times before Christmas...

Friendsgiving last night. At one point, we went around the table and we each had to say 7 people that we were thankful for this past year (that weren't family)... and I just felt how lucky I was to be in a kitchen filled with them. Our family-like friends.

Little Critter books are our favorite!

and I love this...

Talk to you soon,