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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fleeting Summer

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe August (and summer) are nearing an end.

I have to be honest and say that I am once again ready for empty playgrounds for us to roam, cooler weather, chili, apple scented candles, Halloween and pumpkin-spiced everything (Yeah, I'm on that train). 

...I am just ready for fall... but maybe I always am? Really, I'm never not ready for fall.

....and we replenish our school supplies this weekend! THE BEST!

This summer........

Josh celebrated his 31st Birthday! Celebrating with family :)

The next day, Josh's best friend came over with Bratwurst and Cream Soda and they played video games. It made me smile and feel so grateful.

and with life, comes loss... My Aunt Bonnie passed away. She was one of my favorites. Josie Lynn was named after my Aunt Bonita Lynn. As a teenager, I spent so much time with her and my cousin. Often having multiple-night sleepovers at her house. Staying up laughing.

Really, death is so hard and doesn't fully make sense. To know this world will never again hear the sound of her laugh really pains my heart.

A couple weeks ago... I woke up in the middle of the night after having a dream that she was standing at our living room window, waving. At first, I felt really scared. I couldn't fall back asleep. It seemed so life-like and I have never had a dream like that before. But now I like to think that maybe I was given a gift to actually say goodbye in a way.

I will miss her for the rest of my life.

Moving forward...

Open farm day in Madison county was wonderful! We are excited to check off more farms next year.

Some of our farm day purchases (and our winning purple bag!) from a few farms we visited

Back home -

I have such happy memories of shucking corn as a kid in the summer. The smell of the grill and my mom setting the table. ...An awesome end to a long day of swimming, rollerblading and watching Shirley Temple movies (seriously!) with my brother.

Celebrating Josie Lynn at Moo and Matt's house!

Fun at the Beach

A birthday sleepover

Birthday lunch shoppers

We filled the pool with water balloons

From Grandma Kelly and Grandpa

Josie designed her cake entirely this year :)

Happy 8th Birthday, Slice!

Bikes before rain

Another weekend. I caught a cubby.-

Josh trying to guilt friends into coming over for some smores.

Another trip to the zoo

Josie went shopping with some birthday money

If you look closely, you can see the coconut-scented deodorant that she just had to have. ;)

Boots steals your seat on the couch

Cleaning out the gutters

While the kiddos swim

More water balloons

Teddy and a Foof

Making cake pops

Pretty things the kids collected for me


Sweet summertime

Pokemon at the library with Josh, Ashton, Mark and Shiloh. Ashton did great!! He's so looking forward to next month's meeting.

Making bracelets

A birthday celebration for Matt

Brushing his teeth with his sister's boots on

The start of another VBS - I loved the blue tie dye shirt this year! So I needed to send Josh a picture. I was once again in charge of the crafts - which I love doing! ...and as always, I love being around all of the kids.

...I told you it was tiring! hehe.

Pajama day at VBS

The kids made snow slime one night of VBS

Ashton and Josie both made some crazy hats for crazy hat day at VBS - AND WON! They were so excited and proud.

With Pastor Frank. :) It made me smile to see the kids outside chatting with him as he grilled.

Such a great group that I am happy to know and love.

Some decor from this year's VBS -

On Saturday after the busy week... we crashed for the rest of the day. And it felt good.

Checking out the eclipse.

Last night, Mark came and put a spout on our bathtub - The first time we've had an actual bath spout since we lived in the apartment at my moms! We are excited!!

I hung out with the kiddos.

That about does it! Hope you all are having/had a wonderful summer! Talk to you soon.