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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dear blog

My last blog entry was last summer. I have missed this space. I'm currently in the bathroom waiting for the little blue light on my hair straightening iron to go solid instead of the little "blink blink blink" it does to ready itself. 

The kids are in the other room- Pokemon cards and game boys. I hear them laughing and yelling. 

School work has already been completed, lunch will be happening as soon as I'm ready and we are off to explore our favorite trail on the Erie Canal. Today is also library day! We have the most adorable library bag for our books. I love it. 

I wanted to share some pictures here of our more recent days. ...for old times sake. 

Guitar is going wonderfully for Ashton. His teacher told him that he's found his gift. He catches on very quickly. 

The kids had their last day at our homeschool co-op and it was celebrated by picture taking, an end-of-the-year show and desserts. I spent the majority of the time in the gym. (With an antsy Liam and Eli). 

So many nature walks lately. Our Science, Health and Physical education. Springtime homeschooling is my favorite. The Nature Connection is a wonderful nature journaling book! I highly recommend.  

So much exploring. Sometimes, it's just us. Sometimes, with friends. Canals, parks, reservoirs, woods, playgrounds and lakes. Never stop exploring. 

Bug collecting! 

Ashton had his first sleepover! We have this little trac phone we left in his bag in case he needed to call us. We received a phone call just as they were pulling out of the driveway, "hey mom! How's your day?" ...We received about 30 more phone calls during the length of his overnight stay; "just calling to say hi!" He had so much fun and loved the idea of having a phone. 

When Josh and I were first married, we found an old game boy in the attic closet that was left behind. It has quickly become one of Ashton's favorite things. It is missing it's battery cover and it's pink. ...but he loves it so much. Pokemon red is his favorite game. 

A couple weekends ago, we celebrated 12 years of togetherness on Mother's Day weekend. My best friend's daughter came over to watch the kids and Josh and I went out shopping and to dinner. We kept nervously laughing as we felt like we were doing something wrong! Where the heck were the children?! We joked that Josh and I lost all sense of reality and we would go out over-dressed- a ball gown for me and a top hat and cane for Josh. It felt good to be out on a Friday night. It feels good to be by his side. I know this goes without saying but, I love him with all my heart and he means everything to me.  

A selection of fun items I picked up at 5 below. We rarely get to do such fun spending! (The purse is from kohls. Josh joked that my taste in bags resembles his mothers too much)! I love it! 

That Saturday, the kids had their first baseball game of the season. 

It was a beautiful spring day and the kids had so much fun! I sent a text to our friends asking if they would like to come over for a barbecue and they quickly answered with a, "yes!" We stopped at the grocery store while people smiled at the kids in their uniforms. Chips, hotdogs, hamburgers, lemonade. The stuff of life; filling our cart. 

Josh kept the campfire going after our friends left and long after the kids fell asleep. Josh and I sat there together; laughing about so many things that make this season of life hard, great, worth it. 

On Mother's Day morning, i woke up to flowers and hand made cards. Breakfast and coffee. ...But oh, the luckiness of this. My family.  

We began a Friday night "around the campfire" bible study with our friends. We are reading a book called, "living in truth."  Josie helped me make a butterfinger bundt cake and pink lemonade. On Friday night, we talked and laughed and listened. I loved every bit. 

Sometimes, we have at least two kids at a time; sneaking in our bed in the middle of the night. Josie will often lay in a starfish position as Josh and I begin to feel miles apart on opposite sides of the bed. -Book ends to the little humans we raise in the middle. Sometimes, they are more afraid of the dark than other times.

Boots will go into panic mode as soon as her dish isn't entirely full. 

Homeschool is going well and I am planning on beginning another homeschool co-op at our church beginning in September. We have a large amount of families already interested and I'm excited as it's becoming more real! 

Josh plans on teaching a Minecraft coding class along with other various computer classes. We are planning on offering things like: carpentry classes, wood working, art classes, public speaking, cooking, writing, science, sewing, money saving, auto mechanics, music and gardening. We plan on having the kids help to put in the bathroom floor at the church as they learn what tools they need to do such a task. We will have a garden outside the church in the spring. The kids will also pitch in with learning to bake as they bake something special for lunch each time at co-op together. I'm excited so many parents are coming together to share their special talents with the kids. -I truly believe that is the best kind of education. 

Well, I am off to fold mount laundry! Much time has gone by since this morning and the short post I had planned on this being! -Lunch, a walk, Eli's nap time and now I am finished. 

I'll talk to you soon. Xoxo, Jessie 

(A silly shirt from Josh! -I love it!)