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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costumes, Zoo Boo & It's a boy!

It's hard to believe the end of October is near.

Lately, we try slipping in picnics here and there. We've reached the final days of green lawns and fall coats. In fact, today I even hung up a couple of winter coats near our front door. Snow will blanket the ground soon enough. So for now... we sit eating peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. Waiting.

They are so proud of their Halloween costumes this year.

We went to Zoo Boo! Last weekend. It's tradition.

These flamingos had to be freezing!

Ashton really gets into character.

We carved our pumpkins a week early this year. It's been nice to light them every night and enjoy them longer than usual.

Pumpkin seeds last about a minute in this house after they are toasted on the stove top.

Ashton's pumpkin. I loved it. My little artist.

The kids sit and stare in amazement at the glowing light inside the hollowed pumpkins.

Josh and I do too.

I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend ahead.

and... Oh! in case you haven't heard yet...

It's a boy!

They have a little brother coming soon. and I smile at the thought of another little one in pictures like this.

talk to you soon,

Monday, October 17, 2011



Like a patchwork quilt.

Blanketing the grass on these cool autumn nights.

One of their final duties.

So new and full of life in the spring.

Then they provide shade and breeze for us from the heat of the deep summer.

and now. more beautiful then ever...

We watch as they hold on tightly with one last grip.

Take a deep breath.

....and fly away with open arms into the abundant skies.

It's comfortable here in autumn. It's cozy. It's inspiring.

It's home.

My children are in love.

...and so am I.

xoxo, Jessie