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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of the year :)

I simply had to get this done today to start the new year off fresh :)


...Our Christmas...

Ashton and Josie's Preschool Christmas play

Ashton played Joseph and Josie was one of the angels.

Josie is grabbing her belly button

Baking our Christmas cut out cookies

We brought the little tv out in the living room so we could all watch Christmas cartoons by the tree

We had our annual Christmas get together with cousins Matt and Ben

Making reindeer food

Watching Christmas videos on daddy's phone

Christmas eve -

Waiting for daddy to get home from work

Off to moo's for breakfast pizza!

After moo's, we came home to get ready for the Christmas eve candlelight service at church. 
(Thanks mema, grandpa and ri ri! -They looked so spiffy!)

A certain little girl was a little restless during service... so I decided to bring her down in the nursery

When we returned, we found a special Christmas eve package waiting for us underneath the tree

They received their special Christmas jammies from mema and grandpa, along with some cocoa, marshmallows, popcorn, a new Christmas movie and a special Christmas book to read that night.

Lighting our new elf candles

Watching Arthur Christmas

Setting out cookies for santa

Throwing the carrots out for the reindeer

Waiting for santa

letter to santa

Reading our new book, "God gave us Christmas" along with "'Twas the night before Christmas"

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was spent with moo, matt and uncle Joely

When the kids awoke, Ashton immediately sat down in front of the tree and said, "Cheese!" ...I wonder why he just assumes I take a picture of everything? *wink*

Josh reading the first Christmas story before we began to open gifts.

Liam's gift from santa  -A ball! He crawled to the tree himself saying, "ball, ball, ball!"

Ashton's gift - CLAWZORD! He had dreamed about it for 7 months!

Josie's gift - the doll that goes potty! She plays with her for hours each day.

Josh enjoying cocoa for breakfast in his new Darth Vader goblet from Joel

Breakfast/snacking time!

Admit it, it's funny!

Liam's train from Moo and Matt!

Matt being friends with Josie's new doll

Christmas day was so beautifully sunny

Matt is competitive

Josie playing with her new baby

Napping matt after lasagna dinner

Liam enjoying his lasagna

Mmm... pie time!

On my birthday the next night, Josie ran away right before cake and said, "Wait! mama! You need presents!" ....She returned 10 minutes later with a long red ribbon and a picture she drew just for me.

-The best birthday gifts I have ever received.

Friday night, we had a great time at our friend Evan's wedding

Take one

Take two - "Josh act serious!"

Josh & Josh getting their groove on

Can anyone guess what they are dancing to?

Sisterly dance

(Congrats again to Evan and Britt! We had a great time!)

Snow! Oh, glorious snow! It has been coming down in bucketfuls lately!

-Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2013!-

XOXO, Jessie