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Friday, June 22, 2012

a new post

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” ― Dr. Seuss

Today I am grateful for my feelings. I am the type of person who feels very deeply.

I am grateful I am able to love with great sincerity, with all my heart.

Breakfast at Sullivan Park

can you spot the frog?

God continues to take care of us, this growing family of ours.

Me thinks someone is teething...

I'm grateful for simplicity. For joy. For growth.

Liam checking out his walker for the first time

I am grateful for every blessing we receive through out our days and the ability to reflect back on each and every one of them.

I am grateful the father of my children is a wonderful man.

One that we love so much.

I am grateful for the longer summer days and the giggles that last far past their bedtimes.

...and watching our humble little garden grow.

I am grateful for this little stretch of time I have with the kids. -Where we are able to spend each and every day together.

I cherish them.

Our own homemade fingerpaint

Ever wonder what happens when you microwave ivory soap?

It turns into a puffy little soap cloud

Add a little water to your soap cloud and you can roll it out and make your own little soaps!


I am grateful for humor. -Our children make us laugh. A lot.

Josie upon entering the living room in a full blown laugh, "Mama, look at this guy I found in the mail! He is SO funny! He doesn't have a shirt on! That is sooo funnnny! What a silly man!"

I am grateful for the people that have been brought into my life.

...and for healing.

Ashton has prayed every night this past week pretty much the same prayer, "Thank you Jesus for helping me grow a new toenail. I'm so excited! I don't like that frozen chicken. Thank you Jesus."

We've been busy crossing off our summer to do list.

-Tonight, family movie night!

Forever grateful,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

summer sickness

As I sit here and type these very words I hear nothing but the sound of the tap tap tapping of the keyboard. My eyes are foggy and I feel worn today.

Liam graduated to evening baths in the bathroom sink.

Ashton and Josie are sick with a stomach bug and were up for most of the night last night.

Josh and I spent most of the night holding out buckets for them and holding back hair. Softly caressing their backs with, "it's ok's." and "it's alright's."

I have spent most of this day washing their dirtied sheets, blankets and clothes. The hall feels as if it is being hugged a little too tightly by the germ filled air.

...and oh, that air. The air smells of, well, you know. Bleh.

Every once in a while I like to take photos of random untidy spaces in our home. I want to always remember this.


I am quite enjoying the, "blank canvas every day" thing. (despite this minor bump on our summery road of fun)

They are loving the sun.

Children have such a wonderful way of viewing the world. In a child's eyes, most everything on this earth is some seriously good stuff.

I hope to live most every day with that view on life.

I feel humbled as they show me the way.

The kids have been staying up a wee bit later each day and sleeping in a wee bit longer each morning. It's a thing of beauty, that sleeping in stuff.

French Toast on the weekend on my new bright orange plates. -Yes!

Even on the rainy days we've managed to figure out some fun things to do.

Like, indoor picnics

With all the fun kinds of food in our lunches

(thanks, mom!)

and spending a couple days trying to freeze and unfreeze a big bucket of toys in water. ...seriously. I'm not kidding.

Liam has some good and crazy stuff to look forward to, boy!

Josie still lives for dress up

I often forget she is still a 2 year old with all those creative 2 year old ways to get into trouble.

Danger, Josie! danger!


Our day at Sullivan Park

Our day at the beach


That's it for today. See you on the healthy side. ;)


Say hello to chuck.

he likes our garden. a lot.

xoxo, Jessie