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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A barnyard bash!

 photo IMG_1039.jpg

Saturday we celebrated our little man turning ONE with a barnyard bash!

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The farm book was his guest book
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 photo IMG_1070.jpg

The morning of his birthday. He received his 1st dump truck, a box of farm animals and an ABC book.
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 photo IMG_1090.jpg

 photo IMG_1096.jpg

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 photo IMG_1107.jpg

Liam met grandma Kelly and grandpa Vic for the 1st time! What a great gift!
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 photo IMG_1110.jpg

How cute are babies in big hats?!
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"every roseeeee has it's thornnnn...." our own bret michaels.
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 photo IMG_1127.jpg

My best, best friend.
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Pinata time!
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My favorite part of the party. The Hot Potato game with Bessie the cow.
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Hannah was our winner!
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You knew this picture wasn't going to escape the blog. ;)
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This one either.
 photo IMG_1210.jpg

I love my sister :)
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After the party and a good long nap, Liam was able to eat the Owlie cookie we had saved since his baby shower! He loved it!
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Grandma Kelly and Grandpa Vic are here until Saturday morning. I'll be back soon with oodles of... well, you know, pictures. hehe.

Enjoying life.
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xoxo, Jessie