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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"ain't it nice tonight we've got eachother"

Pixley falls with co-op friends

A stop for icecream!

Humid day

Kids eat free at Dennys every Tuesday! ...This was our first time... and won't be our last, hehe.

Another check off the summer bucket list! Fireworks!

Mt. Hope!

Staying up past bedtime to swim just a little longer.

The beach!

A foof a nuggin!

A boy that loves his giraffe and bunny

Campfire night with Amanda, Mark and the kiddos

Mikayla's graduation party

Celebrating Josh's birthday at Mom and Matts

I rearranged the living room yesterday - Still need to find a picture for the middle of the wall

and it's Josh's birthday today!!!!!! Happy 31st Birthday, honey! I'm so glad you were born :)

xoxo, Jessie