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Friday, March 27, 2015

Leprechaun shenanigans and a superhero party

A couple weeks ago, we had a fever/cold thing going on in here. Tying yarn all over the living room seemed to be the only good idea we could come up with after a long winter. The Ninja Turtles could swing from the ceiling fan to the windows. Pretty fun.

When he's sick, he will lay on his side and call for me as he slowly wakes up. I'll hear sad little, "Mama mama" calls from the other room. I am so glad he's feeling better now. Really, it's heartbreaking when they are sick.

Saint Patrick's Day! Now. I'm not even a little Irish. I just like to celebrate holidays. ...but I heard rumors that Josh is about 5%. Which is probably why the leprechaun visits us every year. Or maybe it's just because I like to celebrate holidays. Either way.

Making our leprechaun trap.

Setting up the trap. As the story goes, if you catch the leprechaun on Saint Patrick's day, he will give you his gold. We read it in a library book.

Our surprise to the kids. Irish mint milk and donuts.

He escaped again! ...and made a huge mess.

He left behind some chocolate coins. Along with green toilet water. The kids can't get enough of the green toilet water.

Messy leprechaun!

2% Irish mint milk for the 5% Irish. Or something like that.


Green snacks for the day.

Josie helped me with the Batman cookies for the boys' birthday!

Liam was excited to see the cakes.

Batman and Superman

Excuse the plastic wrap on the couch. ;)

The party-

Some party details- We had bacon, lettuce, cheese and turkey wraps and baked macaroni and cheese. We also had spinach artichoke dip and chips, a veggie tray, string cheese, Smuckers uncrustables, rice krispie treats, cookies, brownies, popcorn and cheese puffs.

The pinata lasted about 2 minutes before it opened!

We also had masks for the kids.

One Superman down!

Liam's birthday on Monday-

Josie gets a little excited. Like her mom.

He requested pizza for dinner.

and we had icecream cake!

A birthday well done.

This little guy is next. I will be back soon with pictures from Virginia and pictures from Mr. Eli Grayson's first birthday!

Talk to you soon. I love you.