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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


by Mary Ann Hoberman

Think how fast a year flies by
A month flies by
A week flies by
Think how fast a day flies by
A Mayfly’s life lasts but a day
A single day
To live and die
A single day
How fast it goes
The day
The Mayfly
Both of those.
A Mayfly flies a single day
The daylight dies and darkness grows
A single day
How fast it flies
A mayfly’s life
How fast it goes.

(a poem Ashton, Eli and I read today)

The other day, I sat down to write a post. I was having a rough day. Emotional. I decided to click out of Blogger all together and try another day.

I picked up the phone to finally schedule my six-week postpartum checkup. With everything going on with Eli, I had lost track of time. A rude woman picked up on the other end and complained about how long I waited to call. She snapped at me when I asked if I could see my midwife. "She's not going to be here!" she said in a nasty tone. I asked her if I could have an appointment scheduled for another week and she acted as if it were an impossible idea.

-Liam began crying, Josie was whining and Eli started waking up in the midst of it all.-

She ended up scheduling me with a doctor I do not feel comfortable with. At a time and day this week that is not the most convenient. I was so anxious to just get off the phone. Her bitterness left me uneasy. I was already on the verge of tears. Afterward, I was angry at myself for calling in the first place. Now I have to call back and cancel. Why didn't I just hang up? Why didn't I stick up for myself? I don't even know.

Liam had his two year checkup shortly after and I felt emotionally worn. As I clicked Eli's carseat in it's base in the van, I prayed. Lord, please help this go well. Please let everyone be kind. I just need kindness.

and it did. and they were.

On the ride home, I thought about this space and something short I want to write to the kids.


Dear Ashton, Josie, Liam and Eli,

Be compassionate. 

Look into the tired, worn eyes of the waitress that served you late and thank her anyways. Don't jump at the chance to be angry for something so silly. Love her. She may already be on the verge of breaking down. Lift her up. She's doing a good job. You can make a difference in her life. That's more important.

Open the door for the mother carrying four bags of groceries and a car seat with a screaming infant inside. Let her know she's a good mom.

Give the elderly man your shopping cart. Your chair. Your smiles.

Have patience for the teenage boy, new on the job and making mistakes. Let him know we all make them.

In fact, treat every receptionist and cashier with kindness. Even if they aren't kind to you.

My dear kids, compassionate human beings are priceless in this world. Priceless.

Care about people. Love them. Hug them. Do anything you can to show people love. By your words. By your actions. 

This world? It's not an easy place to live. Believe me. We all know this. ...but our hearts all beat the same. Blood flows through our veins. We breathe. We all deserve love and compassion. You deserve love and compassion.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 
1 Corinthians 13:13


Today? We are well. Eli is well. Today is a good day.

I can't even put into words how much they are loved.

Sunny days are here again.

Josie finally had her makeup party with Moo!

Moo came dressed up with a bag full of makeup. She also brought cupcakes and candy for the "party." Josie was thrilled!

I'm sure she'll remember that day and how much it meant to her, forever.

He hopped on his sister's bike one day and peddled away. Free from training wheels!

Tee ball has begun and his first game is Saturday!

Life is good and crazy and overwhelming. but always good. always.

Free comic book day. -Eli's first trip to the mall

Eli and his buddy, Colton.

1 month on the outside!

I call this, "Baby gots no teef!" *clenches teeth from cuteness*

Josh and I celebrated ten years of being together on May 8th!

What a blessing these past 10 years have been.

"Think how fast a year flies by
A month flies by
A week flies by

Think how fast a day flies by"

oh, how I love you.

oh, how the days fly by.

xoxo, Jessie