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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Spring in winter and big zebras

So true. right? 

Onward! Pistachios. A dinner buffet of cheese, grapes, carrots, pistachios, granola, peanut butter and yogurt. Do you ever have those nights?

I asked Josie why she wrote on her wall and she said, "because I wanted my room to look cool."

Something I never get tired of seeing.

Monkey boys.

We all need a giant rainbow zebra.

We had co-op on Friday. Josh subbed for Science and made battery-powered motors and lava lamps with the kids.

They made homemade meatballs in the "making your own" class

Learning all about China in "Around the world" class.

I had Josh demonstrate how you eat a plate of Chinese noodles with chopsticks in under a minute.

During creative writing, some of the teens wanted to give it a try too.

The younger kids made pen holders in the "young builders" class while the older ones learned how to construct a wall.


Liam did all kinds of fun things in his preschool class

They also made Valentine's boxes for exchanging Valentine's next month. The older kids will be having a candy exchange. When the idea of the co-op was first on my mind, I told my friend Nikki that the idea of a Valentine's party was what I was most excited for. As crazy as that sounds. I can't wait!

It was beautiful this past weekend! The kids played outside until it got dark. We even had a bbq! It smelled like spring with the scent of mud mixed in with a warmer breeze.

1st bbq of the year. In January!

At night, the kids took extra long showers to wash off the mud and we settled down to watch one of my favorite movies as a kid. Have you ever seen it?!

Some more bits and pieces from the past week -

Even Josh got a trim! Handsome guy!


Boots "helping" with the school work.

Sneaking on the ipod.

Josie and Leah putting on a show

Josie really getting into her performance

Eli and Emmaus

Snow has returned! Kids are headed outside in a bit. School is done for the day. Happy Tuesday, friends!

xoxo, Jess

When I think of the upcoming quarterly reports I have to do this week. hehe.