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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A warm start to Autumn!

Hello everyone!

Lately, it's been quite warm and the kids have had colds.

90 degrees whattt?!

I am grateful the end of the week is looking a bit cooler for apple picking!

In the meantime... making the most of the warmer temperatures. Tomorrow, we plan on meeting up with some friends to swim in the creek.

Running circles around Grandma Kelly!

One of the 4 painted rocks we have found more recently!

Josie checking out the fairy house on the creek trail. She was so excited!

These little fuzzy dudes are everywhere lately!

Monkey man!

Josie and her fairies. She keeps working on her fairy homes and setting out little cups of sugar. The fairy will leave letters, glitter and sometimes small little beads or gems. Josie started an entire book dedicated to her findings and letters.

Most current update: It's been a few days since the fairy last visited and her name is Misty.

I am pretty certain fairies eventually fly south for the winter too.

Play doh. The best toy ever made.

Josie even made a fairy house at Gramoo and Matt's house and waited anxiously all week to hear of any news of a fairy there.

Good uncles write letters to the fairy too!

Dog, Dog, Dog, Doggy doggg!

Josie was thrilled to receive this email from Gramoo during the week...

Colored leaves outside!

Found in last year's Halloween bucket

After the dentist...

Josie building more fairy houses

3 more painted rocks we found

Molly enjoys the 3rd grade

Fall funfetti pancakes

I know I have said this before... but I love taking pictures of the kid's rooms every so often for the memory.

Yes, Eli is still in the crib! He climbs up the bunk bed ladder and hops right in. We haven't put too much thought into other than the occasional, "hey, sometime we should take the rail off the crib." I suppose it's obvious that he is the last baby! haha!

Ashton's book

Eli loves drawing people lately. This is what it typically looks like.

We have already started the Halloween movie watching lately. Saturday was Halloweentown!

Fall books!

The fairy DID visit Gramoo and Matt after all - and left a little bracelet!

Such a warm Sunday!

Icecream as we wait for the older kids to get done with theater

Josh and I started watching this last night... It's no British Bakeoff... but it's fun.

While reading something to Ashton today he says, "Hey mom! Look! I have become one with Daddy's shirt" He cracks me up.

His History timeline of artists, composers and inventors keeps growing!

That about does it for me.

I'm off to make pumpkin cookies and Unstuffed cabbage rolls for dinner! With the air conditioners on and the curtains drawn, I can pretend it's in the 50's :)

xoxo, Jessie