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Friday, September 15, 2017

Seasonal treats and fairies


Happy September 15th! Happy Friday!

This week has had so many things that brought my heart so much joy. -Family, poems on the wall, bread in the oven, scented candles, Christmas music (YES! I know it's crazy... but we all love it and have a playlist of our favorites) opened windows, nightly walks, painting with the kids, decorating, good food and a trip to the library.

Last Friday, we set out to find seasonal treats. It's become a tradition!


Some very early Halloween decor. We found some cool things at the dollar store and the Target dollar section and we couldn't help ourselves. (We are raising the next generation of holiday-loving fools and I loves it!)


The rest of our week...

Date nighttttt! Josh and I shared a sub and chips and watched a movie. ...Which is what we typically do every night. (Aside from the special sub).

Being spied on by a bunny

Waiting to pick up Ashton and Josie from theater

Art things.

We have a routine going on right now where I teach one older child and one younger in the morning and than one younger and one older in the afternoon. It has been working out wonderfully! And the older kids come up with some really fun ideas to amuse the younger ones.

Working our way through the alphabet again.

As I am cooking dinner, I love watching the kids play in the yard. I thought this was especially sweet. Ashton helping Eli put on his shoes.

One of the warm days this week

On Tuesdays, Chittenango hosts a farmers market with live music and food. It was fun to walk along the creek walk as we heard the echos from the band.

Josie's choice in shoes has always made us smile.

The library

Playing in the old bank vault turned toy room

I have started to read Stuart Little every day at lunch and we LOVE it!

I spy BOOTS! Every day, Josie labels European capitals and countries

Some final randomness from the week -

Coloring all things BLUE

Pokemon group at the library

Baking with mama (So he can lick the spoon).

Book It! has begun - YES!!!

A favorite of mine.

Josie is all about fairies after watching a video about them. She left a small cap full of sugar on her dresser because she read that fairies love sweets. She also wrote a few letters to the fairies and plans on building a fairy village in the yard tonight.

When she first approached me about them she asked, "are fairies real?" and, as I talked about on Instagram... I smiled and gave her the ol' "Yes, Virginia" and said, "Just because we can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there." 

She has now been talking about them non-stop.

In honor of Roald Dahl week this past week -

I love you all.