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Monday, January 19, 2015

Under everything, just another human being

Hello, 2015. I'm glad to meet you.

Dear kids, this is what the 4 of you looked like at the end of 2014.

Making confetti

Waiting for midnight.

HappY NeW YeAr!

The first day of the new year, Josie and Liam woke up with the stomach bug. Slow moving day.

We've played this game over a dozen times now. I tape index cards with sight words written on them to streamers. I read off a sight word and they have to figure out a way to pull it down. It's fun watching them figure out ways to pull them down. -Flying off the couch and all.

More schooling.

Gingerbread house making.

Finding warmth in January.

Sledding: Day 1. 32 degrees and big fluffy snowflakes.

Warm oatmeal cookie flavored hot cocoa at home.

Sledding: day 2. A blinding sun and 17 degrees.

The snow froze over and the sleds flew as far as the parking lot.

She cut up her Cinderella dress and turned it into an Elsa-inspired dress.

I love you.