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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, Art & Christmas fun.

Hello my dears.

Our Thanksgiving 2010...

I think it goes with out saying what I am thankful for in my life. I mean, you've heard, you've seen, you know. ;) I am a blessed woman and indeed thankful for it all. ...Amen.

So, one of the many important things I want to teach my children is to appreciate art. I want them to be creative and feel confident in there creativity. If it's creating music, drawing, painting, writing... the list goes on and on. I have been reading up on different art teaching techniques and one of the cool things i enjoyed learning about is how you teach them to look deeper at what they are creating. For instance, Ashton is a scissor champ lately... he can cut up to 500 sheets of construction paper like it's nobody's biz. Instead of saying, "good job with the scissoring, Ashton!" You have him look deeper at the pieces he just cut out and ask him what each piece looks like. Looking deeper. Take the time to see things that some others might just pass by. I guess I want them to apply that to most things in their lives. To see and listen for things that others might never see or hear. That it also doesn't matter if they are the only ones that see what they see in things. Because it's beautiful to be your own. To march to that beat of your own drum kind of thing. Now is this all making sense right now? I'm tired and rambling. On to my mickey monster's drawings...

another future artist in the making

My dear loves, it's Christmas time. ...My heart is glowing and there is a twinkle in my eye. My favorite time of the whole year. Family, The tree, the music, the snow, the garlands, the stockings, giving, loving and the cocoa. ...Oh, man. All of it. This season is such a beautiful gift. Driving down the road admiring the glow from shiny little bulbs on neighbors frosted windows. What an amazing time. Enjoy it everyone. An incredible celebration of God, giving, family and life.

and with out further ado, our Christmas tree...

Lastly, we totally jumped the gun last night and decorated a Gingerbread house that will totally not live to see Christmas day. it was awesome. Blaring the Christmas music and eating stale pieces of last years candy goodness. YES!

There you have it again! Dear Santa, I need an SLR camera for Christmas. -I can dream can't I?

Happy Holidays to all! Talk to you soon. Jess

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This is what our boy woke up to this morning...

He tore open his presents and squealed with joy with each one...

We set up the last minute touches for our party...

One more finger, buddy.

It was go time...

Our lovely guests arrived...

Ashton and daddy barbecuing hot dogs!

Then, it was time to sing, "Happy Birthday!"

and we ate cake!

We opened up our presents...

Our eyes lit up when we saw a football... (see, Matt!)

We did a homemade shirt box pinata which turned out to be an epic fail because I taped it too much on the bottom (oops!)

Then, we had to say goodbye to all our friends. (and eat the leftovers)

Tonight when he went to bed he prayed for everyone who came to his party. And he said thank you again.

Thank you everyone for coming. We are blessed to have you in our lives.
Love, Jessica