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Monday, August 24, 2015

We saw Batman at Soccer practice!

Hey friends and family!

Can you believe we are nearing the end of AUGUST?! Quite honestly, I believe summer flies by with a wink right after the 4th of July. We plan on beginning school next Monday. Our desk is stocked with new school supplies and our shelves are filled with new books to dive into.

The most exciting part is that we will be sharing a lot of our homeschooling days this school year on youtube! We plan on uploading every Tuesday and Thursday. Please subscribe to our channel so you can follow along. We plan on sharing our school days, field trips, special projects and science experiments. We are also teaching the kids how to edit and upload the videos as apart of their learning as well. You can find our new youtube by clicking HERE ! (Our first video will be up on September 8th).

Our School Logo - made by our friend Claude. Thanks again, Claude!

Now, to the memories!
A wedding. I have known Mariah since she was around 8 years old. Her parents would come and pick me up for church and youth group in all kinds of weather. I would stay for dinner and we'd watch movies or play games. It was all during a hard time in my teenage life and I will never forget what a blessing they were. We all grew very close and they became like family to me. The kids call Mariah - Aunt RiRi. She asked me to take wedding pictures for her and of course, yes. Always, yes. I will share a little here.

Josh turned 29!

If you have a birthday at moms, you have to wear Matt's hat.

Summer days.

Broccoli salad with honey-toasted walnuts

Mexican pizza

She really likes marshmallows.

Tea party

Watering the flowers at Moo's house.

Biking as a family! At last!

Josh and I have the same bikes we rode many miles on to visit eachother as teenagers. We just got them out of the shed from my mom and matt's house yesterday. So many good memories and so many good memories to come.

They played with expired oats and cornmeal.

Dinner with friends.

Exploring with friends.

A rainy summer morning.

Ashton rode a dirt bike for the first time! Our church family and homeschool friends are BIG on motocross. We'd like to get a dirt bike someday!

Painting our school desk.

We participated in a homeschooling family Rock Swap- which pairs you up with another homeschooling family somewhere in the United States to swap with. It was so fun to find our rocks and shells together and to also receive our swap in the mail. We were paired with a family in Minnesota.

The rocks and shells we sent out -

As we read our way through the Magic Treehouse series, we leave bookmarks in the library books. The website for the Magic Treehouse is also very educational!

A Curious George birthday for our Curious little Josie!

Josie's cake! I had fun putting this one together.

Our sweet birthday girl.

She requested chocolate chip pancakes.

A lunchables picnic with her brothers and her best friend, Mallory.

The kids played with water balloons as well!

and rode bikes and scooters.

(Some party pictures by my talented niece, Abi!)

Matt's birthday!

Batman sighting at Soccer practice.

A sleepover with friends.

Great great grandma visits!

Geography for the kids.

Almost time!

Until next time!

Xoxo, Jessie