Who wants to be outraged on their own

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday!

A couple nights ago as I laid in the boy's room (waiting for Liam and Eli to fall asleep); I texted one of my best friends. Really, just expressing how sad I felt about a lot of different things. ....Probably a little too emotional being that I have been quite sleep deprived lately.

And she said something that I loved so much that I wanted to save here because it brought me so much comfort. And I thought that maybe it could for anyone else out there who may be struggling too.


Julia : It makes me sad to think that if I can feel the wrongness of things and people then how much more does God feel that. I just want to get to the place where we are all with Him and spend eternity in joy together, worshiping everything He is and has created. And free to be ourselves without sin to ruin it all. Where you can freely love everyone without reservation that they will hurt you.

It's really the only thing that brings me peace, is to remember He will set things right someday.

Julia and I have been slowly (I mean, really... really... slowly...) "writing" a book about how our friendship has evolved over the years of us becoming wives and then mothers. We want to make it a book of our text messages, really. The ones we sent at the very beginning... making fun announcements of new babies... new homes... Josh and Philip graduating college. The times we talked about hard days of early pregnancies with nausea and Netflix and restless toddlers, cloth diaper talk and feeling lonely. Messy homes and bread recipes. Broken down cars, doctors appointments, homeschooling. The times we were desperate for help and the times we rejoiced for each other when we were blessed with extra food or money or a good report on a broken down vehicle.

Talks of the peaceful moments at night with a newborn. Tearful times about broken relationships with family and memories. Dreaming of the future and what our kids may be like when they grow up. How happy we are for each other when good things happen.... and there have been so many wonderfully amazingly good things.

Really, just a raw book of our talks through out it all. Tired, joyful, anxious, sad, scared, hysterical... What can be more real than the actual conversations we had shared as we have grown trough it all?

Julia figured out the perfect title for it recently when we were laughing at ourselves. We want to call it: "Who wants to be outraged on their own?" 

Seriously makes me laugh, even now. How lucky we are in life to be blessed with friends.

With all of that said- I am back to share more pictures of the past week before I have to leave to drop the kids off at theater.

warm end to September

They all found rocks!

Our friend Kristi has new baby chicks and she invited everyone over to meet them!

Beautiful rain

Josie has decided she wants to be a clown for Halloween because of this book. She just loves Junie B. Jones

Another field trip to the Zoo

The kids favorite part of the zoo!

Our yard is really looking like Fall!

A quiet Saturday


In the summertime, I submitted a poem to a local library poetry contest. The theme was "How canals connect communities" ...and to be honest... I did not like the theme. It felt really dull and boring to me. Just because... it's not what I typically would write about. But the night before the contest was over, I sat down and just gave it a shot in hopes that maybe I could try to win Ashton the Kindle for his birthday that they were raffling off to the winners. Well, I did not win first place or the kindle but they did mail me a folder with a notepad, pen, bookmark and this certificate! I got honorable mention!

Fun mail!

Can I just take a moment to recognize this cool ring. That is all.

Our first field trip of the year with the co-op. At Springside Farms!

Ashton clearly not enjoying himself...

Pumpkin painting

Sleepover in the living room with Ashton

Josie and Molly Moo

Josie's learning about Europe - and making paper dolls to go along with each country. She loves it!


That about does it for me! Have a great weekend everyone! I love you.




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