December 2017

Our December

Advent calendars from Rosie the elf on the 1st of December

The 2nd night of December, Rosie the elf brought Christmas ornaments for the tree.

Chittenango Tree lighting

This is how we get Liam and Eli out of the tub - We close our eyes and hold up a towel and say, "I wonder what little fishy I am going to catch! A little Liam Fishy or an Eli fishy!" ....Whatever works. ;)

Gaming Rosie. As you can tell, Josie made her accessories this year. The kids just love this little Elf so much.

Cute little Clover

At the Christmas parade


Josie helping make dinner for Grandma Kelly

St Nicholas Day

Liam loves listening to music on Alexa

Making Cinnamon Ornaments

One day, Rosie the elf fell down from her resting spot and the kids found another elf had come to help her...

Sometimes, I really think people must wonder about us... hahaha!

First batch of sugar cookies

Cookie baking party at Moos

Fun at Ben and Matthew's house

Mary and I spent more time laughing at ourselves than baking. We deemed ourselves the worst cookie baking team of all time as we spent much of the time losing things that were right in front of us and forgetting what we were going to do next.

So much cold and snow

Liam asked uncle Jimmy for a turkey... and he came home with the biggest turkey ever!

Beautiful snow

I love this.

More snow

After snow cocoa

Lots of sickness since about a week before Christmas! It started with one virus... and then another... and another. From the sounds of it, we aren't alone! So many friends under the weather as well.

Wrapping candy for our Pancakes and Pajamas party

Christmas bingo with the sunday school class!

Did anyone else watch a Christmas Story Live? I really liked it!

I cannot help it! I just love the Christmas specials. :)

This was almost a daily thing. Eli would pile everything he could near the tree.

Josie's little snowman

Children's party at the church

Josh was able to work from home for 2 weeks this December!

Sibling gift exchange. They each spent some of their Christmas money at the dollar store to buy gifts for the family. I love how excited they were!

Josh's gifts from the kiddos.

and my gifts from the kiddos

Sugar cookie batch number 2!

Santa coming by with Candy Canes!

December 23rd brought PERFECT snowman making snow

Christmas Eve!

Boots is like, "The amount of pictures this lady takes is ridiculous"

Adorable basket my sister in law made for us!

Josie's cute dolls from Moo

Christmas with the grandparents! We had a wonderful time!

Throwing out carrots to the reindeer and looking for signs of Santa's sleigh

The night before Christmas

Every. year.

A white Christmas!

Josie just loved that the elf, Gingersnap was in her stocking to keep! She carries her every where.

Monkey Breadddd

This one is for Amy because I know how much she loves my themed veggie trays

Uncle Joel got these hilarious hulk gloves for Eli

Stocking stuffer slime and macaroni and cheese for dinner

December 26th - My 31st Birthday

Joel gave me this cool tapestry!

The coolest package from the Hawaii fam! :)

Mom and Matt gave me a ukulele for my birthday! I was so surprised and excited!

Josie playing with her new toys

Liam in his new outfit

A few years back, we started this tradition of going to Chuck e Cheese for New years. This year, we went a couple days before.

and Sweet Frog after! (thank you grandma and grandpa for our day out!)

Eli and his nerf gun. He just loves the heck out of this thing.

Josh and I sat down on December 30th and completed a plan for our entire year! A budget, menu plans, resolutions, date nights, lessons for the kids... etc. We are calling 2018 our best year ever... no matter what happens. We are optimistic.

A New Year's breakfast!

Trying to defeat Donkey Kong today

There you have it! Our December in too many pictures! ;) I hope you all had a wonderful one and I love you.  Happy New Year from all of us!

and since I still have all the Christmas cards sitting on the desk here at home... :)

xoxo, Jessie


Billie Jo said…
What a wonderful Christmas season!
You and your husband created so many magical moments for your children...baking cookies, special breakfasts, gift exchanges...
They will remember these times forever.
And I love your Elf on the Shelf!
Thank you for sharing your Christmas here.
And blessings for a happy and healthy new year! : )
Amy said…
Beautiful as always! Love the veggie tray ;-) ;-)

Happiest of New years to you! may it indeed be your best year yet!

Prayers and Hugs! <3

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