So, our new year began with the stomach bug and in-general sickness... But I asked Josh to play the ball drop for the kids when they were feeling a little better.

With over enthusiasm we would say, "At least we got sick now and got it over with so we don't have to live the rest of the year in fear of the stomach bug! This is the BEST YEAR EVER!"


I found this tucked into my Bible one day and it made me smile.

I feel so lucky for this.

At the beginning of this month, we went to Aldi as a family and bought all the groceries we needed for the month. We have spent less than $180 this entire month on food for our family of 6! 

One day at the park, we saw a van pull in at just about the same time we typically do. -(After lunch when most kids are still in school but our school work is already done). I said to myself, "they have to be homeschoolers!" ...and sure enough, another car pulled in and it was a couple of moms that go to our co-op! It was a cool surprise for the kids.

Spring-like day

A book series we are all loving lately - 

The boys just love the Grossery Gang

We started date nights again with the kids! With Ashton being first, he requested a night of Donkey Kong, Mario, popcorn and candy. We had so much fun (and almost defeated Donkey Kong!!) 

They just looked cute sitting there in their sweatshirts.

Always a full bed.

A 5 year checkup!

Meeting baby Peter was certainly the highlight of the month! 

Once upon a time, there was just 1 of them... and then our families grew and grew and grew.

Another day, my friend Hilary and her family stopped by for lunch and she brought me these beautiful tulips. Such a hopeful gift in January!

My little Hulk master

Some co-op pictures from this month.

Dissecting a sheep's heart!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

Making bread

A sleepover

Learning all about Russia with Benjamin and Matthew

Quizzing the kids

Making Russian Blini

Josie decorated a Valentine's tree at Moo and Matts

Grandma Anne's birthday! :)

Ironically, she had a real Russian doll! The kids thought that was awesome!

Josie making breakfast this morning - she just loves it!

...and that does it for me! Time for dinner. :) I love you all very much.

xoxo, jessie



Jan W said…
You just made my day! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, thank you for sharing this!
Anonymous said…
William Brasky said…
One of the best blogs you've done!
carrie cole said…
Gosh, the kids are getting so big!!! ❤️
Amy said…
I love it when I find random notes ;-)

Beautiful pictures! <3 xoxoxo I miss you :-(

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